The Strongest Weapon Free Fire Game — The strongest weapon in the Free Fire game basically can make it easier for you to win battles and get Booyah.

In addition, you can also use sick weapons such as snipers for long-range combat.

The reason is, there are many unique and even strong Free Fire or FF weapons and can be your best choice recommendation.

What are these weapons? Check out the explanation below!

Free Fire Game’s Strongest Weapon Choice, Can Get Booyah

Free Fire or FF is one of the most popular games because it already has millions of users around the world.

How not, because this game is suitable to accompany users’ boredom or fill their spare time.

In the FF game itself, there will also be many excellent weapons that you can choose according to your own wishes.

However, in fact there are still some players who feel confused to determine the most powerful weapon.

Because the strongest weapon in the Free Fire game is able to make players defend and attack opponents in such an easy way.

You should also not only choose based on liking, but on the efficacy of the weapon.

You can also choose the strongest weapon, because this greatly affects your game later and has the opportunity to win.

Well, if you still feel confused and don’t know which is the strongest weapon, here are the recommendations!


For close range, the Shotgun is one of the strongest weapons in the Free Fire game because it has tremendous damage. So that this one weapon can be your best choice to fight enemies easily.

Especially for those of you who are good at directing this Shotgun weapon to hit the opponent’s head.

So this is one of the weapons that is quite dangerous when you use it at close range.


MP40 will always be the strongest SMG in FF games, whether it’s with skins or not.

In fact, there are already many players who use this one weapon to fight their enemies.

This MP40 weapon can knock down opponents very quickly.

This is because the damage is quite large.

The rate of fire is even faster and much better.


The next strongest weapon in the Free Fire game is the M82B, which is a pretty fierce weapon because it has high accuracy and damage.

Not only that, but the ammunition reload speed is also much faster.

So, don’t be surprised if this one weapon has become the favorite of players from the Free Fire game.

More interestingly, this M82B weapon you can easily find on the map even though its availability is quite limited.

However, you can only pair this weapon with the silencer attachment.

So you can’t pair it with the foregrip, muzzle, stock, or magazine.

However, this one weapon is also more suitable for you to use if you use characters like Moco Free Fire.

This is because long-range weapons with great damage can kill enemies faster.


It is the strongest weapon in the Free Fire game in the form of a sniper rifle whose damage you can no longer doubt when using it.

With a point hit when it hits the body it can reach up to 150 pints.

Therefore, this weapon called AWM can be a scourge that is feared by players in the Free Fire game.

But if the target is moving, then you have to be able to aim it properly.


This is the strongest weapon that belongs to the marksman file type of weapon and has a fairly large damage of 85.

The reason is, this weapon is able to provide armor penetration to the opponent, so it has become a mainstay for long-distance combat.

Not only that, but you can pair this weapon called WOODPECKER with a muzzle, attachment, stock, and foregrip.

However, this weapon unfortunately cannot be paired with a scope and magazine.

After knowing some of the recommendations for the strongest weapons in the Free Fire game, you will most likely choose what you want.

Indeed, each weapon also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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