The Stocks of the Best Media Issuers in Indonesia, Here Are the Recommendations

Legitimate Media issuer stocks have a significant opportunity to soar in 2022. This is driven by an increase in advertising demand.

There is a huge list of recommended stocks with the best performing. If you are interested in entering the world’s stock market in the media industry, you can read the full review.

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Stocks are a promising investment instrument. Currently, there are many stocks that have experienced significant movements.

After the pandemic lasted for a long time, now investment is starting to bounce back. As has been seen, the prospects for issuers in the media sector are quite good. For this year, media stocks are quite bright.

It even shows the movement of positive numbers forward. In addition to its improved performance, the stock also has a performance that is still predicted to continue serious growth.

The growth of income or profit in line with the community’s economic recovery in a sustainable manner. There are many recommended stock issuers. As for example, the issuer of SCMA.

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SCMA Issuer Stock Movement

SCMA or Surya Citra Media is one of the listed media companies that oversees two major Indonesian television stations. Both are Indosiar and SCTV.

The company managed to provide a pretty good prospect. Ad revenue in the first quarter of 2022 was recorded at Rp 1.62 trillion.

You could say it grew from the same period in the previous year, which was Rp. 1.52 trillion. In terms of total net income of Rp 1.53 trillion in the first quarter.

Can grow 9.28% from the same period as the previous year with a total revenue of Rp 1.40 trillion. Not only that, programs and broadcasts also continued to increase by 24.87%.

From Rp 648.98 billion to Rp 810.39 trillion. However, the program and broadcast expenses also increased. It shows a figure of 24.87% from Rp 648.98 billion to Rp 810.39 billion.

The total net profit that SCMA stock issuers earned was IDR 284.84 billion, which showed a decrease of 14.08%.

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Media Nusantara Citra (MNCN)

As for the legal shares, the next media issuer is MNCN. Media Nusantara Citra is a company that operates in an integrated sector.

This big company owns more than national TV channels. Starting from RCTI, MNC TV, iNews, and GTV. Interestingly, the issuer is also developing digital TV services.

Where you can make payments using an electronic wallet. MNC also has a leading subsidiary, namely MNC Vision Networks (IPTV).

Despite the pandemic, this media issuer is still able to survive with various existing business services.

This is evidenced by the record net profit of MNCN shares of 1.8 trillion. The number is even greater 400 billion than the previous period.

Actually, there are still many recommendations for media stocks that experience positive movements. Like the shares of media issuers, both from SCMA and MNCN. (R10/HR-Online)

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