The Official WhatsApp Web Browser Extension Launches, Understand its Functions!


The official WhatsApp Web browser extension was launched recently. Not long after the WhatsApp development team enabled simultaneous multi-device support in beta, it also announced a new browser extension.

This add-on is called Code Verify which aims to ensure the web version of WhatsApp is secure enough and end-to-end encryption is not compromised.

In other words, WhatsApp is launching a new browser extension to make its web app even more secure.

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WhatsApp Web Browser Extension Launch

WhatsApp Web is an easy way to access the messaging service on a desktop device. This can happen without the need to install an app.

With the web, however, there is always a risk of criminals trying to deceive users.

Given this risk, WhatsApp currently offers a browser extension that can verify whether users are using the original web version.

It can also be to anticipate if the user is on a page that contains malware or data stealing viruses or other malicious actions.

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Step Activating and How it Works

To be able to use the WhatsApp Web browser extension is quite easy. Users simply access the Chrome web, then search for the verification code.

Next step hit the blue “Add to Chrome” button and you are good to go.

Until now, Code Verify can only work on Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. However, an appropriate version for Safari is currently under development.

After the WhatsApp Web browser extension is successfully installed, the extension will start doing code verification work automatically every time a user visits the page.

Furthermore, to notify the user regarding the activity status, a color coded indicator system is also available.

If a green icon appears, this is a sign that everything is safe or fine without any security risks.

However, if the verification code shows an orange circle, this is a sign that the network request has been exhausted.

An orange warning means that the network connection may be unstable or there may be an error that interferes with the verification process.

To be able to fix it, then try reloading the page, changing the WiFi network, or pausing on another WhatsApp Web extension browser.

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As for the red indicator with an exclamation point, this means that the source code cannot go through the verification process.

This is a possible security risk. If this is the case, then the solution is to disable other extensions.

Then reload the WhatsApp Web page to see if the warning signs are gone.

In this case, Meta ensures that the use of the WhatsApp Web browser extension is quite safe. This does not interfere with the privacy aspect, because it will not log any data, collect metadata, or access user information itself.

Most importantly, the extension doesn’t allow anyone to snoop on messages because it’s end-to-end encrypted just like the mobile app.


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