The Most Popular Online Games in Indonesia – Online games are currently the choice of many people when they want to play when they feel bored.

There are many choices of games and genres or types available.

Not only on PCs, now more people choose to play on smart phones.

It’s easier and more practical, as long as an internet connection is available.

Playing games online is currently the choice of many ages, from small children to the elderly.

Especially since the pandemic that hit in early 2020, many feel bored.

Doing various activities or activities from inside the house for too long, is very boring.

Because we have to carry out government recommendations to suppress the spread of Covid-19 by reducing outdoor activities.

This is certainly very boring and boring due to being too long.

Playing a game is the easiest, fastest and most economical choice.

You don’t have to bother leaving the house and spending a lot of money.

Moreover, now there are many choices that you can find both on the internet and play store pages.

Not only to be played by young children or adults, even for children are also available.

Not even just as entertainment, to hone the ability of the brain and intelligence is also available.

Online games are now the most widely available.

Especially now that there are many matches or tournaments to prove the ability of gamers.

Of course, this is getting more and more interesting for gamers.

Of the many online games, only a few that fall into the biggest category are also the most popular.

This is based on the quality of the graphics, gameplay as well as many downloaders and those who play it.

And generally, the game holds a tournament both on a local and international scale, thereby increasing its ranking.

List of Online Games

Now you can easily download and play a game both offline and online.

Nowadays more people choose to play games or games online rather than offline.

Moreover, there are many options and advantages.

In addition to playing can provide entertainment and make you more relaxed, it also sharpens the brain’s ability to strategize.

Here are the games you can play online;

Mobile Legends
Free Fire
Honor of Kings
Dota 2
Call of Duty
Genshin Impact
Clash Royale
Clash of Clans
Crisis Action
Among US
Brawl Star
Ludo King

There are many more games that you can play online both on smartphones and PCs.

Some of these games are included in the list of the biggest and most popular games.

This is proven by the number of downloads up to millions and is played every day in very large numbers.

Of the many types of games that exist, MOBA is the one that many gamers are playing.

Games of this type you can try to play and complete all the missions.

Besides being able to be played anywhere via a smartphone, it also teaches teamwork among team members.

Because certain types of games are played in teams of 5 against 5, so teamwork is needed.

It’s not just about playing skills and abilities, it’s also about cooperation and strategy.

In order to beat the opponent and be the winner.

List of Esports Tournaments

Currently playing games, especially online ones, has become the choice of many people to give birth to many professional players.

Online games are now a sport or known as esports.

This is evidenced by the number of tournaments over the past few years.

Delivering huge prizes and the experience of meeting and competing with other pro players.

In fact, not only domestically, this tournament is also on an international scale.

The following is a list of esports tournaments that provide the biggest prizes in the world, namely;

The International

This is an esports tournament that awards prizes of up to $34.3 million.

The tournament is hosted by Valve, the developer of the online game Dota 2.

The goal is to find the best team capable of completing all missions and defeating existing opponents.

Fortnite World Cup Final

The event which took place in 2019 recorded quite a fantastic prize.

A tournament for Fortnite game enthusiasts from Epic Games in New York, United States.

Giving a prize of $30.4 million or equivalent to Rp. 439.2 billion.

League of Legends World Champions

The event in 2018 awarded prizes of up to $6.4 million or equivalent to Rp. 92.4 billion.

A gift that makes many enthusiasts want to become professional gamers.

Call of Duty League Championship

The next esports tournament that gives big prizes is the Call of Duty League Championship.

With a total prize of $4.6 million or equivalent to Rp. 66.4 billion.

This event, made by Major League Gaming and Activision, is an annual tournament.

Honor of Kings World Championship

Another esport tournament is the Honor of Kings World Championship.

This event took place in Beijing and Shanghai with prizes up to $4.5 million or Rp. 65 billion.

And there are more esports tournaments from online games that provide fantastic total prizes.

No wonder then many choose to become a game player or a professional gamer.

Most Popular Esports Tournaments

Of the many tournaments, not all of them are popular.

There are some who give gifts that are not too big, but are very popular among the people, especially in Indonesia.

Here are some esports tournaments that are included in the most popular list.


MPL ID is an esport tournament that is currently popular among Indonesian gamers.

It has now reached season 7 since it first took place in 2018.

CODM Major Series

The CODM Major Series is the next popular esports tournament among Indonesians.

In season 3 this time CODM is held offline, although not for the public, in other words closed.


MDL which is a tournament from the same game as MPL ID, namely Mobile Legends.

It’s just that this one tournament is a class or level below MPL ID.

Dunia Games League

Dunia Games League which is a tournament of the online game PUBG.

Inviting all teams in Indonesia to show their ability to play PUBG games.

In addition to gaming skills also won big prizes.

Free Fire Indonesia Master

Free Fire Indonesia Master held in 2020 is one of the most popular esports tournaments.

Through this esports tournament, many reliable teams have been born in playing online games, especially Free Fire.

Those are some esport tournaments from online games that many people now play and enjoy, especially in Indonesia.

You can also become a professional gamer by continuing to practice your skills and try participating in various tournaments with your team.

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