The Latest Korean Movies on Viu June, this is a brief story and show schedule

The latest Korean movies on Viu, which airs in June, can be an interesting viewing option via streaming services.

In addition to dramas, there are also some of the latest Korean films that you must watch.

In this June, Viu will screen a Korean film titled Shades of the Heart. The film stars Yeon Woo Jin, IU’s most popular solo singer.

In addition, the popular film entitled Frozen Flowers will also air through the Viu streaming service this June.

For those of you who miss the presence of Taecyeon 2PM after playing in a Korean drama titled Vincenzo.

Then don’t you miss his acting in House of Disappeared.

Summarizing from various sources, here are the four latest Korean films that will air on Viu in June 2021.

4 Newest Korean Movies on Viu in June 2021

Shade of The Heart

This film tells the sadness of a novelist who returns home to Soul after being away for 7 years.

This film features Yeon Woo Jin, Kim Sang Hoo, IU, Lee Joo Young, and Yoon Hye Ri.

While in Seoul, he met 4 strangers at different locations.

They also shared their experiences of each other’s sadness after losing their loved ones.

This Korean film will air June 6, 2021 through Viu.

The latest film entitled Shade of the Heart will make the audience feel carried away by the life story of each character.

House of Disappeared

House of Disappeared is one of the newest Korean films on Viu which will be aired this June.

While acting, 2PM’s Taecyeon is not only stunning in the popular Korean drama Vincenzo.

But he also showed his acting skills when starring in the latest Korean film titled House of Disappeared.

He played with Joo Jae Yoon and Kim Yun Jin.

This film tells the story of a housewife with her husband who has a son.

However, suddenly the mother becomes a murder suspect when her husband dies, and her son disappears.

The lapse of 25 years later, the housewife was freed and out of prison.

After that, he tries to unravel the mysteries that occur in his family.

This latest Korean movie will be broadcast via the Viu streaming service starting on June 13, 2021. Don’t miss it!

Come Rain, Come Shine

Want to watch Hyun Bin’s acting in Korean films other than in the popular drama entitled Crash Landing on You?

If so, then you must watch his acting in the film titled Come Rain, Come Shine.

Hyun Bin plays with Lim Soo Jung which will air on June 20 through Viu.

This latest Korean movies tells the story of a young married couple.

One day, the wife admitted that she had another dream man.

But the husband only responded with a flat expression.

Then, one day before finally deciding to separate, the woman spent time with her husband when it rained.

But it turns out that the moment actually re-evokes their memories of the past.

Frozen Flowers

Frozen Flower is one of the newest Korean films on Viu, which airs this June.

The film, featuring the acting of Song Ji Hyo and Jo In Sung, tells the story of the Goryeo era.

That is, when the king marries the queen because of coercion from the kingdom.

Then, they are under pressure to immediately have children, even though the king does not love the queen.

Even the king even had another relationship with another woman.

Then, the king made a plan, but the plan went beyond the king’s expectations.

This film can be a new recommendation for viewing and will be aired starting on June 27.

Actors Joo Jin Mo and Song Joong Ki also star in this film. 

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