The Best FPS Android Game that is Exciting and Exciting, This is the Choice!


The best Android FPS games, of course, have packed very challenging actions and simulations for the players, including you. Even today, FPS games are still the most popular game genre.

Imagine, FPS games seem to have poisoned users, especially for Android users.

So it’s only natural that this game is able to offer more exciting gameplay and can make the adrenaline of the players overflow.

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Android FPS Game That Can Be The Best Choice for Players

Lately, it seems that mobile gaming is experiencing very rapid development. This is proven by the number of games that are easy to install through Google Play services or the application store.

In fact, currently there are many and varied games for Android phones. Well, of the many game genres that exist, there is one that is popular, namely the FPS genre.

FPS itself stands for Free Person Shooter which is able to present the gameplay of war to shoot each other.

So what are these games? Here are the recommendations!

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Call of Duty Mobile

The first Android FPS game, Call of Duty Mobile or CODM, is the best FPS game specifically for Android phones.

This game offers a game in the form of a shootout with the Battle Royale, 3v3 Gunfight, and Fast 5v5 Team Deathmatch formats.

So this game was developed by developer Tencent Games, then republished by Activision for Android phones. Even today, this CODM already has many users.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is one of the best FPS games that you can play on Android.

This has been proven by the number of downloads that reach more than 100 million times and various prestigious awards.

This Android FPS game turns out to also offer a TPS mode as well. So you can battle your way against 100 other players and who is the last one alive, then he is the winner.

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Fire Strike

The next recommended FPS game is Fire Strike which will present shooting action with an interesting 5v5 mode.

Even for just 5 minutes, you and your team must be able to maximize the existing weapons in order to survive and then defeat the enemy.

Not only is the action thrilling, you also have to be able to work with a team to plant bombs or defuse bombs. This game is very popular, because it has been successfully downloaded more than 1 million times.

Some of the best Android FPS games like that seem to be easy for you to play right away. All of them will have their own challenges, so that makes you more happy when playing them. Therefore, from now on you can try it right away.


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