The Advantages of Stockbit Stocks That Are Not Available in Other Securities

Investors can know the advantages of stockbit stocks. There are several advantages that you cannot get with other securities.

There have been many young investors who have tried stock instruments. The convenience provided makes the shares still quite attractive.

Especially now that digital applications have emerged that help make it easier to carry out investments.

One that you can use is stockbit stock investment. By relying on the advantages of stockbit stocks, you will not go wrong in investing.

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The Advantages of Stockbit Stocks for Investors

Stockbit stock investment does help enforce the IDX’s draft commitment. The message to be conveyed is known as the 3Ps, namely understand, have, monitor.

With this basis, it invites the public to have knowledge of the capital market and investment instruments. It aims to be able to carry out investments properly in order to improve the welfare of investors.

The purpose of providing a 3P commitment to the people of Indonesia, there are various interesting features in it. The available features are sophisticated enough to be able to carry out various useful initiatives.

The existence of the advantages of stockbit stocks provided helps the public understand more about the ins and outs of stocks. The community is also able to be given the opportunity for anyone, including those who want to carry out investment as beginners.

In this way even novice investors appear more professional. The advantages that you can find include:


When investors open RDN on the stockbit application, access will appear that can run the stockbit pro feature. The features are tools to be able to analyze stocks comprehensively.

Using stockbit pro, investors can access Keystats, Analyst Ratings, information on corporate actions, Intraday Charts, and use a Screener with a very complete range of indicators.

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As for the advantage of stock bits, namely from the fee. The fee for buying shares on stockbit is quite cheap. Only 0.1% and the selling fee is 0.2%.

This figure is quite cheap in the industrial sector.


Opening a customer account only takes one working day. You can get this method on stockbit and not on other securities.

In addition, the securities company itself has collaborated with BCA and Bank Jago to open customer fund accounts. With this, it helps the Indonesian people to make transactions easier.


The next advantage of stockbit stocks is the stockbit stream, which is a social forum for discussion. So that users can discuss, learn from each other about issues in the capital market that are currently circulating.

In addition, it is also easier to get information directly from issuers through an active stockbit stream account. It can even help novice investors learn stocks from scratch in a professional manner.

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Stockbit comes with an e-IPO feature that helps users to see a list of companies that did IPOs.

In addition, the advantage of this stock stockbit provides an opportunity for allotment of shares. (R10/HR-Online)

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