Synopsis Triple Threat, Attempts to Exterminate Criminal Syndicates


Synopsis Triple Threat tells the story of a rich woman. The woman is named Tian Xian, played by Celina Jade.

In addition, there are also three well-known actors who also play characters in the film. Among others, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Tiger Chen.

The name Iko Uwais is the main attraction for fans of Indonesian action films. Not without reason, Iko Uwais is one of the Indonesian actors who has been poor across various film genres.

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Triple Threat is a production of Aurora Alliance Films, SC Films Thailand Co, Hamilton Entertainment, and also Kung Fu Man Culture Media.

Synopsis of Triple Threat Film, Efforts to Exterminate Criminal Syndicates

Having a viewing duration of about 1 hour 35 minutes, this film will show various thrilling action actions. The film, directed by Jesse V. Johnson, is indeed suitable as a family spectacle.

The film will air tonight Saturday, May 14, 2022 at Trans TV Cinema at 21.30 WIB.

Then, what is the synopsis of this Triple Threat film? For more details, just see the following synopsis.

Tian Xian, A Courageous Rich Woman

Synopsis Triple Threat will first tell the story of Tian Xian, a rich woman who has a brave and generous soul.

One day, Tian decided to visit a city called Mahajaya. Like a blue-blooded person, Tian is the daughter of a Chinese conglomerate.

Tian himself, got a fantastic amount of family inheritance. Then, he plans to donate his inheritance.

Uniquely, it is not for social activities, but for eradicating criminal syndicates that continue to increase in the city of Mahajaya.

Prisoner Release Mission

The next Triple Threat film synopsis, tells of the mission to free a group of prisoners. Not only is it famous as a city with increasing crime, Mahajaya also has a hinterland forest.

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Who would have thought, the interior of the Mahajaya forest is not a forest that looks fine. Instead, there is a group of prisoners held by the MI6 group.

Then, there is a Thai special force named Payu who aims to free a group of prisoners.

Not alone, Payu carries out the mission with the Chinese special forces named Long Fei. In addition, the two of them were with the mercenary group that was led by Devereaux.

Apparently, Payu and Fei didn’t release all the prisoners. Instead, they only brought Collins because he was their partner.

The emergence of Jaka who has a grudge against Collins

In the synopsis of the Triple Threat film, we will see the emergence of a new character named Jaka. Before his appearance, Collins, who had hatred for the MI6 boss, then killed him.

Not hesitating, Collins along with Payu and Fei burned down the place. In fact, the people who were there disappeared.

After they left, who would have thought that a young man named Jaka survived the burning. With great pain, he collected the bodies of his partner and wife.

Jaka did not accept what happened. He holds a strong grudge against Collins.

Jaka’s decision to protect Tian

Long story short from this Triple Threat film synopsis, Jaka meets Tian and decides to protect him.

Before that, it turned out that from the beginning the release of the prisoners was a humanitarian mission to free civilians from the captivity of terrorists.

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However, the humanitarian mission is just a lie. In fact, the mission was only to free Collins.

Who would have thought, if Collins was actually a terrorist leader. Then, there was a woman named Su Feng who had evil intentions.

Su Feng received word that Collins was free. In a separate place, Tian attended an interview on a television program.

Then, he discusses his plans to take part in fighting a crime syndicate. Su Feng, who knew about Tian’s plan, didn’t accept it.

Later, Feng hired Collins and his group to kill Tian. However, Jaka and his team try to protect Tian from the assassination threat.

How is the continuation of this Triple Threat film synopsis? Can Jaka protect Tian as well as avenge Collins? Seeing the exciting story packaging, don’t forget to watch it.


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