Synopsis Sweet & Sour, Realistic Three Youth Triangle Love Story

Synopsis Sweet & Sour tells a realistic love story of three young people over time.

The film is directed by director Lee Gye-Byeok. Reportedly, the film will premiere via Netflix in June 2021.

Of course, many famous artists are involved in this film.

One of them is Krystal Jung who debuted with a girl group under SM Entertainment.

However, his image in the world of cinema is getting more and more dominant.

Based on IMDb, the Sweet & Sour film will air with a duration of approximately 1 hour 41 minutes.

The process of making this film in collaboration with the production company KT Hitel.

Meanwhile, the parties responsible for the distribution are Netflix USA and Netflix Singapore.

The teaser for this 44-second film has been released via YouTube, originally from The Swoon’s account.

This is to provide an overview related to the new film that will be released.

Sweet & Sour 2021 Synopsis Review

The story begins with the figure of Jang-Hyeok who has a romantic relationship with Da-Eun.

Her boyfriend is now working as a nurse.

They have been through a lot of fun things together.

Their relationship is very harmonious.

Remembering that Jang Hyeok is a sweet romantic man.

So that it can liven up the atmosphere in establishing togetherness.

It took a lot of effort for him to build such a relationship.

However, all of that slowly began to change.

There are many reasons for this change in relationship.

Jang Hyeok’s New Job

Synopsis Sweet & Sour explains that Jang Hyeok is currently looking for a job.

Incidentally he was accepted at a large company.

He was even able to start working as a temporary employee.

In other words, there is a first selection before switching as a permanent employee.

However, there is a rival that he must take down in order to get the position.

His rival this time was a sweet woman.

Her name is Bo-Young with an adorable and occasionally cynical look.

However, this did not dampen Jang Hyeok’s enthusiasm to beat him.

Compete with Beautiful and Ambitious Women

Synopsis Sweet & Sour shows Jang Hyeok playing softly.

Seen the figure of Bo-Young is a woman who is persistent and ambitious.

It was a bit difficult for Jang Hyeok to deal with this woman.

Both must be in a competitive position to get a place as a permanent employee.

This causes the two to meet each other in doing work.

Moreover, every day they have a lot of work to do together.

Jang Hyeok and Bo-Young’s Relationship

Sweet & Sour’s synopsis shows that Jang Hyeok and Bo-Young both enjoy this job.

Whereas in the context of work, they should compete for the best position.

It seems that the habit of working together makes their relationship even closer.

This would be something out of the ordinary.

The reason is, Jang Hyeok’s position still hasn’t run aground with his girlfriend.

But no one knows if Jang Hyeok actually already has a girlfriend.

Of course this gave Jang Hyeok confusion and doubt.

Two Big Choices

Synopsis Sweet & Sour explains that Jang Hyeok is not doing well.

The reason is, he continues to be haunted by confused feelings and attitudes.

His life gets even more complicated when he finds out that Bo-Young is starting to approach him.

Seen the seeds of romance that emerged from the minds of women in this work.

It’s hard to be in two complicated situations.

Jang Hyeok can’t move because this decision will affect the way of life in the future.

Sweet & Sour’s synopsis shows that Jang Hyeok’s relationship with Da Eun is also getting worse.

Meanwhile, Bo-Young is increasingly giving visible signs.

These two difficult choices made Jang Hyeok rack his brain doubly.

He couldn’t understand his heart right now.

I don’t know if I still have feelings for Da Eun or not.

He couldn’t even dig deeper into his feelings with Bo-Young.

Could it be that woman who is too deep or how there is no clarity.

The reason is, Bo-Young’s figure came at the right time because Jang Hyeok’s heart was in a state of chaos.

However, he can’t just decide on his relationship with Da Eun.

This love triangle really torments Jang Hyeok’s mind. He felt dead and stiff.

How is the continuation of the Sweet & Sour synopsis?

Will Jang Hyeok be able to give that decision?

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