Synopsis of the film 20th Century Girl, The Love Story of High School Children in the 90s


Synopsis of the film 20th Century Girl is a new Korean film. This film carries a very interesting romantic comedy genre.

For international fans it seems that they will be very happy because they can access this film easily, available on Netflix.

As the title suggests, of course this film will use the time setting in the 20’s or around the 90’s.

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This is the Synopsis of 20th Century Girl on Netflix

The Korean film industry has introduced a new title again. This time they released a film with a romantic comedy genre.

The film, titled 20th Century girl, will be a South Korean film that will be available on the Netflix streaming application.

The director who will be working on the film 20th Century Girl is Bang Woo Ri. In addition to being a director, he also took a role in writing the script for the film.

That way, 20th Century Girl is the first commercial film for director Bang Woo Ri.

Previously, this director’s ability had been recognized through awards at the Blue Dragon Film Awards thanks to his film, Mrs Young.

As for the production company, 20th Century Girl is Young Film’s first romantic film.

Carrying the Background of the 90s

The most interesting thing about this film is the time setting they take. Judging from the title, the synopsis of the film 20th Century Girl will take place in the 90s.

This film will tell a teen romance drama of a 17-year-old girl named Na Bo Ra.

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This drama will show how the twists and turns of teenage love are painful, but still tucked in with a spice of humor in it.

When Na Bo Ra was a teenager in 1999, she found her first love that shook her heart. Na Bo Ra herself is a high school student who is good at taekwondo.

Not only that, Na Bo Ra also has a very positive personality for those around her.

High School Boy’s First Love Chase

Apart from being active in the world of taekwondo, Na Bo Ra is also a member of the broadcasting club at her school and befriends Yeon Du.

Yeon Du is a good friend of Na Bo Ra who has feelings for Bae Hyun Jin. Yeon Du started liking Hyun Jin from the first sight.

One day, Yeon Du asks Na Bo Ra to find out everything about Hyun Jin. Synopsis 20th Century Girl Yeon Du will go to the United States to undergo heart surgery.

In the end, the synopsis of the film 20th Century Girl made Na Bo Ra accept her best friend’s request. He began to observe Hyun Jin’s figure.

However, the more Na Bo Ra watched Hyun Jin, the more she realized that she was starting to fall in love with him.

Who did Hyun Jin end up choosing? Is it Bo Ra or Yeon Du?

Movie Cast List

So far, there has been a small confirmed cast for the 20th Century Girl synopsis.

From the list of existing players, it can be seen that some of them are quite familiar in the South Korean screen industry. For the main character, 20th Century Girl collaborated with artist Kim Yo Jung as Na Bo Ra.

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Then there is also Byeon Woo Seok who plays Pung Woon Ho. For the character Hyun Jin, actor Park Jung Woo will play the role.

Roh Yoon Seo will play the role of Na Bo Ra’s best friend, Yeon Du.

From the list of confirmed players, only one has starred in a Netflix Original series, namely Park Jung Woo. He has been a tanu in the series Hospital Playlist and DP

While luckily Kim Yoo Jung himself, this film will be his debut on Netflix. This beautiful artist is also known to be on the rise and earned the nickname “Korea’s little sister” due to her popularity.

This film has been confirmed to be coming to the Netflix platform and is available for international fans. Unfortunately, until now there is no definite date for the release of the film.

However, it has been confirmed that the synopsis for the film 20th Century Girl will air in 2022. That way, fans seem to have to wait a little longer to watch this film.


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