Synopsis of Military Prosecutor Doberman – Synopsis Military Prosecutor Doberman tells the story of Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun).

Do Bae Man a man who did not graduate from high school but managed to complete the bar exam.

Since his teens he received the nickname Doberman.

Doberman a name for a breed of dog that is intelligent, fearless, obedient, and loyal.

The Korean drama Military Prosecutor Doberman premiered on the tvN channel on February 8, 2022.

We can also watch this legal drama series that focuses on the lives of soldiers through the VIU and iQIYI applications.

In this drama, Ahn Bo Hyun collided with Jo Bo Ah.

Jo Bo Ah an artist who previously also played in Tale of The Nine Tailed with Lee Dong Wook.

Jo Bo Ah’s appearance in the Military Prosecutor Doberman synopsis became an attraction because he performed a number of unexpected action scenes.

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Do Bae Man has parents who are both active in the military.

At the age of 10, he lost his parents in an accident.

Since then he was raised by his aunt who is a police officer.

Did not pass high school

Synopsis Military Prosecutor Doberman begins with the story of Do Bae Man.

Do Bae Man is who often fails to adapt and violates school rules.

He threw students and teachers who dared to mock him.

After moving three times, no more schools would accept him.

Do Bae Man then took the bar exam and he passed with impressive scores.

However, after applying for jobs to 10 law firms, he was rejected.

He was even ridiculed by HRD because he only graduated from junior high school, while many of the shop assistants already had a bachelor’s degree.

Feeling frustrated and exhausted, Do Bae Man eats instant ramen in front of a convenience store.

That’s when Yong Moon Gu (Kim Young Min) arrives who wants to recruit Do Bae Man as a military prosecutor.

Who is Yong Moon Gu?

Yong Moon Gu is the owner of the law firm Law and One in the synopsis of Military Prosecutor Doberman.

His current condition is self-sufficient, therefore he is interested in something that is priceless with money.

For him, the military is like a gold mine.

All politics and wealth can be controlled from there.

That’s why he needs someone like Do Bae Man to become a military prosecutor.

Do Bae Man, who wanted a high-paying job, immediately accepted the offer.

At the military headquarters, he gets acquainted with his co-worker Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah).

The mysterious character of Cha Woo In

In the Military Prosecutor Doberman synopsis, Cha Woo In is a newly appointed military prosecutor.

His character who is very calm and not afraid of people in power is actually suspicious.

He even gave Do Bae Man an expensive watch as an expression of gratitude.

Do Bae Man investigates the history of Cha Woo In who used to study at Stanford.

There is no taekwondo license, but Cha Woo In can defeat a group of thugs who confront them on their way.

While at the military base, Cha Woo In did not mingle with the people around him, which made Do Bae Man even more suspicious.

No one knew that Cha Woo In was actually the son of a chaebol family IM Group.

IM Group is a company engaged in the security sector.

Kim Woo Seok’s Appearance as the Antagonist

Synopsis Military Prosecutor Doberman also tells of No Tae Nam (Kim Woo Seok).

He is who became the CEO of the IM Defense company and was successful at a young age.

He bought IM Group shares when it was down and became the mastermind behind the death of Cha Ho Cheol, Cha Woo In’s late father.

In the past, Yong Moon Gu was a lawyer who cleared up all the mess.

He contributed so much to the success of IM Defense that No Tae Nam funded the law firm Law and One.

However, No Tae Nam has poor emotional management due to childhood trauma.

He has a penchant for torturing weak people, and that’s what prompted Cha Woo In to arrest him.

Cha Woo In even disguised himself as a summoner to the Cartel club to carry out his mission.

Will No Tae Nam be caught in the end?

Watch the latest episode of Military Prosecutor Doberman to find out the continuation of the story.

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