Synopsis of Korean Film The Roundup, Action Pursuit of Criminals by Detectives


Synopsis Korean film The Roundup is currently stealing attention in the entertainment world. The Roundup is the sequel to the popular film, The Outlaws.

Unmitigated, since the release of the film poster, the enthusiasm of the people has been blind. Though, the character poster just consisted of the main cast.

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This action genre film will continue the legendary detective story. Who is already curious about the film which is also known as The Outlaws 2?

Synopsis of Korean Film The Roundup, Action to Eradicate Crime

The South Korean film industry is indeed advancing from all sides. Action films are one of the most popular genres.

If you are a fan of Korean action films, you may already be familiar with The Outlaws. The film was released in 2017 and managed to reap great success.

5 years after the release of The Outlaws, now comes their sequel. The sequel to The Outlaws will have the title The Roundup.

The film The Roundup still follows the story of the legendary detective Ma Seok Do, along with his teammates to eradicate crime.

The Appearance of the Biggest Violent Villain

As previously mentioned, the synopsis of the Korean film The Roundup still follows the story of Ma Seok Do’s journey to eradicate crime. Ma Seok Do himself is a reliable detective from the police.

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Ma Seok Do has a duty to maintain the peace of the area he is responsible for. In The Outlaws which is the first series of this film, Ma Seok Do managed to catch Jang Chen who is a loan shark from China.

After Jang Chen was captured, the territory that Ma Seok Do was in was also safe again. However, in the film The Roundup, Ma Seok Do has to meet another criminal again.

He again has to get involved in the pursuit of Kang Hae Sang, who is a ruthless criminal.

Unusual Chasing Action

In the process of pursuing Kang Hae Sang, Ma Seok Do and the team certainly encountered various difficulties. He has often eradicated criminals, but Kang Hae Sang is a big-time criminal.

That makes them have to be extra to eradicate it. Kang Hae Sang is a ruthless criminal who has committed various crimes in Vietnam.

In the synopsis of the Korean film The Roundup, Kang Hae Sang has been committing violent crimes against tourists for several years.

Kang Hae Sang’s case is different and unprecedented, of course, it becomes a challenge for Ma Seok Do and the team.

The Roundup Player

If you have watched The Outlaws, then of course you will be familiar with the players in The Roundup. Because, not many changes have happened to the players in this second film.

The main character, Ma Seok Do, is still the legendary actor Ma Dong Seok. He always manages to amaze the audience with his strong and sharp aura.

Seon Seok Gu will be playing the role of Kang Hae Sang, a formidable main villain in the synopsis of the Korean film The Roundup. He controlled most of the territory in Vietnam.

In addition, you will find familiar faces from the first film, including Choi Gwi Hwa who became the captain named Jeon Il Man. Meanwhile, there is also Heo Dong Won who will play Oh Dong Gyoon, the oldest detective.

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On the other hand, Ha Jun plays Kang Hong Suk. Although he is no longer the youngest member on the team, he is still the brightest.

Then there is also Park Ji Hwa who plays Jang Yi Soo, the gang leader in the previous film who has changed.

In addition to the player Son Seok Gu, there are other new faces that will be in The Roundup. Among them, Jung Jae Kwang plays a new detective named Kim Sang Hoon.


This Korean film, directed by Lee Sang Yong, will reportedly be released in May 2022.

So for those of you who can’t wait, you still have to wait some more time to be able to watch this film in theaters.

Synopsis Korean film The Roundup is full of famous Korean stars. Don’t miss the challenging action of detective Ma Seok Do in May 2022 in The Roundup.


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