Synopsis of Korean Film Chaw Raises an Unusual Action Horror Genre


Synopsis The Korean film Chaw aired in 2009 with an action thriller genre. Tells about an adventure that is located in South Korea.

This film had aired on national television channels last year. This proves its existence in the film industry.

The duration of the show is only two hours in Korean. But don’t worry, this film will not disappoint the audience at all.

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The genre of this film is adventure horror that is interesting and makes the adrenaline rush. For those of you who like this genre, don’t miss it.

Synopsis of Korean Movie Chaw Raise Horror Interesting Action

The beginning of the story of this film tells about the life of a village called Sammaeri, and is located at the foot of Mount Jiri, South Korea.

They have been living quietly and free from the evil that lurks for more than a decade. But an incident that makes everything change drastically for the entire village.

One day they found a corpse and became a gripping terror. Many of the corpses of the villagers began to appear worryingly.

At first they thought this incident was the work of wild boars who entered the settlement. However, this increasingly makes them have to act immediately to handle it.

Before the Harvest Feast

Synopsis This Korean film Chaw describes the condition of the village which is chaotic and full of panic. Even though everyone should be happy to welcome a celebration related to the harvest like the previous year.

The village leader also panicked when one of the victims was his grandson. So that in the end he acted to deal with this so that there were no more victims.

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Along with detectives named Shn and Kim Kang Soo, there is also a policeman from Seoul who lost his mother in the forest. In addition, a biologist named Byun Soo Ryu is here to study the attack of this wild animal with an accomplished hunter named Baek Man Bae.

They become a team to find the monsters that attack the peace of the village. By climbing the mountain in the village.

Killing Pig Monster

Synopsis This Korean film Chaw illustrates that these wild animals do look very large. Its size reaches 2 meters and weighs up to 410 kg with scary appearances and special effects.

In fact, there are many bloody scenes that make the audience ache. Not recommended for people who can’t stand this kind of gore genre.

Because the salting and visualization of this film is really amazing. We will witness the struggle of the teams against these monsters with a sense of trembling and rage, of course.

Fans of films of this genre will be very welcome. In fact, this film will continue to relate until this year to enter the list of must-watch films.

The story behind the film

Synopsis This Korean film Chaw turns out to be an adaptation of a famous Hollywood film. With messages related to environmental issues related to Korea’s already serious ecology.

South Korea itself is quite not raised a lot of films with this kind of theme. Killer creatures in real life like this are so interesting.

So finally came up with the idea to work on the concept of this kind of film. The production process of this film even required the main actor to go to the United States to shoot using special effects per scene.

The call for the production process didn’t just stop there, even because there was a misunderstanding that made the scene and dialogue feel disconnected. Because indeed South Korea and the United States have cultures that tend to be different.

Chaw . Film Success

Synopsis This Korean film Chaw provides a very interesting story. The production team from the collaboration of the two countries succeeded in generating real energy.

This film even made it into the Berlin Film Festival. Release in fifteen countries ranging from, United States, Switzerland, Germany, India, Singapore, Japan and Thailand.

Also released for South Korea on July 16, 2009 for the first time. Shin Jung Won as the director managed to work on this film.

Synopsis The Korean film Chaw is included in the mandatory spectacle for fans of the adventure horror genre. With various scenes as well as special effects that are like real.


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