Synopsis of Korean Drama Marriage White Paper, Conflict Before Marriage


Synopsis of the Korean drama Marriage White Paper is approaching its broadcast time. Therefore, KakaoTV has re-released the latest posters and trailers.

This latest poster from the Marriage White Paper looks like it has a much different vibe than before.

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This drama will tell the story of a wedding plan by a couple in their 30s that doesn’t go as planned.

Release the Latest Poster, Here is the Synopsis of the Korean Drama Marriage White Paper

Lovers of South Korean drama shows will again be spoiled by the new title. Marriage White Paper is one of the Korean dramas that will air soon.

Approaching the broadcast time, the production team seems to be more aggressively promoting.

Last week, the drama with the theme of romance released another happy romantic wedding poster of the two main couples which is a fantasy version.

In a realistic poster that the production team just released, you can see the obstacles to wedding planning that have occurred.

The two brides-to-be finally have to deal with a reality that is not in line with their previous expectations.

Obstacles That Occur Before Marriage

Synopsis of the Korean drama Marriage White Paper takes the theme of the romance of a couple who are in their thirties.

The couple is currently preparing for their wedding ceremony. Like happy couples in general, of course they have high expectations with happy endings.

While they expect a happy ending like in a fairy tale, in reality preparing for a wedding is not that easy.

Seo Joon Hyung and Kim Na Eun in the latest poster look serious and deep in thought. Behind the couple lies their lengthy wedding planning checklist.

However, it seems that the checklist can show how complicated their wedding preparation journey can be. There are a few untouched boxes and an item in the checklist that says ‘FAILED’.

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The poster also includes a caption that reads “Is today’s wedding all like this.”

Two Opposite Couples

In addition to releasing two official posters, the production team from Marriage White Paper also shared the main teaser for this drama.

The clip shows the stark difference between the bride and groom. The groom-to-be, Joon Hyung, is an idealistic man who only thinks about marriage in terms of love.

While the bride-to-be, Na Eun is a realistic woman. He always thinks of rational decisions that are indispensable in marriage.

The difference is clearly seen in their conversation when Joon Hyung shouts “Since I’m only getting married once, let’s make it as cool as possible!”

On the other hand, Na Eun commented, “The wedding plan must be done strategically to fit our budget.”

At first, the difference did not affect the two. Their mood remains happy and romantic in the synopsis of the Korean drama Marriage White Paper.

However, trouble starts when the cost of the wedding continues to rise and the two begin to get into an argument. Eventually they realize that dating is just a fantasy but marriage is realistic.

Korean Drama Marriage White Paper Pemain

Until now, the drama cast is still only visible from the two main characters. Kim Naeun the bride-to-be will be played by Lee Yeon Hee.

Kim Naeun’s character is a woman who is sweet and affectionate but sharp at work.

Meanwhile, actor Lee Jin Wook will take on the role of Seo Joon Hyung who is a love-drunk groom-to-be who will happily comply with his fiancé’s every request.

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Broadly speaking, the two characters in the synopsis of the Korean drama Marriage White Paper will be very different.

Drama Showtime

According to the production team, this drama actually addresses a common problem that young couples experience. When you want to get married, then there are problems that will come

This drama will also raise stories that relate to people of all ages. This drama will consist of 12 episodes.

Each episode will be 30 minutes long and air every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on KakaoTV. International viewers can watch this drama officially through the Netflix streaming platform.

Curious about the continuation of this couple in preparing for their wedding? Synopsis of the Korean drama Marriage White Paper will start broadcasting its first episode on May 23, 2022.


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