Synopsis of Korean Drama King The Land, Will Star Junho and Yoona


Synopsis of the Korean drama King The Land has recently become the talk of netizens. How not, the players of this drama are two famous idols.

This drama will have a romantic comedy or romantic comedy genre. Although it has just been officially confirmed, the enthusiasm of fans is undeniable.

King The Land has become a hot conversation among netizens since a few weeks ago.

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For netizens to be excited, this is the synopsis of the Korean drama King The Land

The Korean drama industry is increasingly global, so it has fans all over the world. It makes them continue to improve the quality of the drama.

There are always new dramas every month from various genres. For those of you fans of Korean dramas of the romantic comedy genre, you may soon be satisfied with the screening of King The Land.

This drama became one of the newly confirmed titles, but it was immediately widely discussed. That’s because their main characters are two famous Korean idols, SNSD’s Yoona and 2PM’s Lee Junho.

King The Land will tell the life of a chaebol named Goo Won with his hotel employee, Cheon Sa Rang.

The name King The Land itself refers to the VVIP business lounge which is a dream place for business people.

Efforts to Find Happiness

Synopsis of the Korean drama King The Land will tell the life of a famous conglomerate or chaebol named Goo Woon. He is one of the heirs of the King Group.

Goo Woon is a man who has everything, from good looks, to luxury, to a very intelligent brain.

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Despite having a brilliant brain, elegance, and charming charm, Goo Woon actually has flaws in terms of love. He always sucks at romance and often fails.

Meanwhile, Cheon Sa Rang is an employee at the King hotel owned by the Goo Woon family. As a hotel manager, Cheon Sa Rang is always smiling.

Her smile always manages to make the world brighter. Unfortunately, the smile is fake and for work purposes.

One day Cheon Sa Rang meets Goo Woon who can’t stand a fake smile. The two finally try to find happiness so that they can smile sincerely together.

Involved in Conflict over Inheritance Rights

In the synopsis of the Korean drama King The Land, Goo Woon’s family is a well-known conglomerate.

King Group has bright businesses in all fields, from hotels, airlines, to distribution companies. This, of course, makes the struggle for inheritance unavoidable.

Goo Woon will be involved in a conflict over the inheritance of the King Group which is quite complicated with his extended family.

Drama King The Land

The drama side has not disclosed the list of other players besides SNSD’s Yoona and 2PM’s Junho. Both of them are famous idols and have played in several dramas.

This drama will also be the reunion of the two after appearing together at the 2021 MBC Music Festival year-end music festival. Their appearance shocked the world of South Korean entertainment and trended on many social media.

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Of course 2PM’s Junho will play Goo Woon in the synopsis of the Korean drama King The Land who is the son of the conglomerate family that owns the King Group.

While on the other hand, Yoona will play the character Cheon Sa Rang who is an employee at the King Hotel owned by Goo Woon’s family.

Cheon Sa Rang has a cheerful personality. He chose to work at the King Hotel because it gave him the fondest memories of his childhood.

He continues to strive to mature while facing various misunderstandings in his life. However, his life begins to change when he meets Goo Woon.

Both of them will be involved in a romantic relationship and try to find happiness together in this complicated life.

King The Land is not only awaited by loyal Korean drama fans, but also Kpop lovers around the world. Unfortunately, there is still no confirmation on the drama’s broadcast date.

However, it is estimated that King The Land will start broadcasting in the fall or the last half of 2022. So, you have to be a little patient to see the continuation of this synopsis of the Korean drama King The Land.


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