Synopsis of Korean Drama Eve, Conflict Revenge Among Elites


Synopsis of Korean drama Eve will be present on the South Korean TV channel TvN to accompany fans this May.

The drama, which has the title Eve or Eve’s Scandal, will show the competing roles of Seo Ye Ji and Lee Sang Yeob.

The storyline that this drama brings is quite heavy with elements of revenge in it.

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Coming Soon, This is the Synopsis of Korean Drama Eve

Eve is a Korean drama that will be coming soon in the last week of this May. The drama will be directed by Park Bong Sub along with screenwriter, Yoon Young Mi.

Ahead of its release, the drama shared a new poster showing its characters. Eve itself is a new romance drama that tells of a divorce lawsuit.

The rich man’s divorce lawsuit was worth around 2 trillion won and shocked everyone.

Later, the Korean drama Eve will be full of various conflicts that exist within the rich South Korean environment.

Brutal Revenge Plan

Synopsis of the Korean drama Eve tells the story of a woman who has spent 13 years of her life plotting revenge.

Thus, he plans a brutal revenge against the elite in South Korea.

Then his life story was interesting when a divorce lawsuit emerged which was worth 2 trillion won, equivalent to Rp. 22 trillion.

The nominal suddenly shocked one country. Lee Ra El is a woman who witnessed the death of her own father.

13 years later Lee Ra El in the 2 trillion won divorce became a key figure. That’s what Lee Ra El did in an attempt to avenge him.

Various Conflicts Among Korean Elites

The storyline of the Korean drama Eve is basically quite heavy. That’s why, there will be a lot of conflicts that arise in this drama.

This expensive divorce lawsuit conflict is not the only one. However, of course there will still be romance in this drama.

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Seo Eun Pyung is the youngest member of the South Korean parliament ever to be elected. Seo Eun Pyung’s life journey is very different from most people in general.

During his life, Seo Eun Pyung grew up in an orphanage. He witnessed when his family was oppressed like a useless insect who wielded great power.

He met Lee Ra El and immediately fell in love with him. Seo Eun Pyung sees how miserable Lee Ra El’s life is and is determined to gain power for the woman he loves.

On the other hand, the synopsis of Korean drama Eve also shows Kan Yoon Gyeom who is the CEO of Ly Group as well as the number one person in the financial world.

Kan Yoon Gyeom also fell in love and put his heart on Lee Ra El. Who will Ra El choose?

List of Drama Eve

This Eve drama will be comeback Seo Ye Ji, after she was involved in a scandal with Kim Jung Hyun who had mentioned that she was a possessive boyfriend.

Seo Ye Ji will be playing the role of Lee Ra El who has a terrible desire for revenge inside of him, as well as the mastermind behind the 2 trillion won divorce lawsuit.

While Lee Sang Yeob is a famous actor, then he has starred in quite a number of famous dramas, one of which is While You Were Sleeping.

In the synopsis of Korean drama Eve, Lee Sang Yeob will play Seo Eun Pyung who is a lawyer. He will then fall in love with Lee Ra El.

There is also Park Byun Eun who will take on the role of Kan Yoon Gyeom who is CEO No. 1 and Yoo Sun as Han So Ra, the son of a wealthy official.

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Soo Hee Jung will also be present as Kim Gye Young and Son So Mang who plays Eun Dam Ri.

Live on Viu

This drama will have a total of 16 episodes with a duration of each episode of 70 minutes. This drama with the romance, melodrama, and drama genres will start airing on May 26, 2022 on TvN.

For international fans, you can watch the continuation of the synopsis of the Korean drama Eve through the Viu platform with official subtitles.


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