Synopsis of Korean Drama Bloody Heart, An Ambitious Mission of a King


Synopsis of Korean drama Bloody Heart will be airing soon. The special thing is that this drama will air on the Disney+ app.

KBS has officially released the latest poster for the drama Bloody Heart. Drama belongs to the colossal genre with the background of the Joseon era.

You’ll find lots of top players competing against each other here. Tell me about what Korean dramas are about this kingdom?

Synopsis of Korean Drama Bloody Heart

One of the South Korean TV stations, KBS re-released their latest drama poster. The drama with the title Bloody Heart will soon air in May.

The setting in this drama is the fictional royal palace of King Lee Tae. You will see how the situation there during the Joseon kingdom.

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The story of Bloody Heart centers on the king’s deceptive plot to subdue the Vice Prime Minister and the Korean nobles who have oppressed the Joseon dynasty for generations.

Scramble for the Royal Throne

In the synopsis of the Korean drama Bloody Heart, it will be seen how the internal conflicts that exist within the kingdom. Bloody Heart will tell a fictional story about Lee Tae.

He is an enemy of King Sunjong. Later, the king ascended the throne for the rebellion he committed.

After being freed from the shackles of various unexpected incidents, Lee Tae intends to overthrow the throne of the king Sunjong.

He devised a plan to restore power in his court to return to being king, as he had been believed from birth. Lee Tae finally decided to sabotage Park Gye Won.

They both start trying to overthrow the throne so that Lee Tae’s father can become king again.

The Appearance of Past Figures

Lee Tae’s plans always went smoothly. After his father’s tenure ended, Lee Tae finally ascended the throne to become king.

He wants to rule absolutely in the synopsis of the Korean drama Bloody Heart. However, it turned out that not all plans went smoothly.

That’s because the power that Lee Tae has is not comparable to Deputy Prime Minister Park Hye Won. He always wants to sabotage Park Gye Won so he can do the government according to his will.

However, something unexpected happened. A figure from Lee Tae’s past comes back. The figure once stole his heart, resulting in all of Lee Tae’s plans in danger of failing.

Drama actor

Yoo Jung is the daughter of a nobleman who Lee Tae considers as his wife so that everyone begins to get involved in a power struggle.

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Bloody Heart is a historical drama set during the Joseon Dynasty. In addition, this drama combines the story of deception, betrayal, as well as complicated and suspenseful choices for the audience.

The director who worked on the drama Bloody Heart is Yoo Young Eun. Then the director teamed up with screenwriter Park Pil Joo.

There are three main characters who are very influential in this story. The main character is the king Lee Tae, played by Lee Joon.

In addition, there is also Jang Hyung who plays Park Gye Won who is the Deputy Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Hang Han Na will play the role of Yoo Jung, the daughter of a noble.

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There are also other supporting actors in the synopsis of the Korean drama Bloody Heart, which are as follows:

  • Park Ji Yun – Choi Ga Yeon
  • Heo Sung Tae – Seo Hye Na
  • Choi Ri – Jo Yeon Hee
  • Ha Do Gwon – Jung Eui Gyun
  • Park Sung Yun – Seo Hye Na
  • Lee Tae Ri – Park Nam Sang
  • Cha Soon Bae – He Sang Seon
  • Yoon Seo Ah – Dong Geum
  • Jo Seung Yun as Yoo Hak Soo
  • Kang Shin Il – Kim Chi Won
  • Ryu Seung Soo as Im Jin Sa
  • Shin Eun Soo – Young Yoo Jung
  • Oh Seung Hoon
  • Park Ji Bin – Young Lee Tae

Showtime and Place

This drama will start airing on May 2, 2022 on KBS TV every Monday and Tuesday at 19.30 WIB.

Then specifically for international fans can watch this drama legally on the Disney+ platform. Synopsis of the Korean drama Bloody Heart will air as many as 16 episodes with a duration of 1 hour 20 minutes.


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