Synopsis of Hard Hit Film About Bomb Traps In Private Cars


Synopsis: Hard Hit tells the story of a father who is trapped by a bomb in a car. This film is directed by a director named Kim Chang Ju as well as a scriptwriter. Including one of the Korean thriller genre films.

Hard Hit films get an overwhelming response from the fans. This is because there are many players who are quite professional. They are Jo Woo Jin, Lee Jae In, Jin Kyung, Ji Chang Wook, Jin Yu Chan, and Kim Ji Hoon.

Because it is the newest film, it will be aired tomorrow, June 23, 2021. No wonder fans can’t wait for the release of the film.

In making it takes quite a lot of time so it must cooperate with various parties. For example, film production in collaboration with CJ Entertainment. So that it can produce quite interesting work.

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New Hard Hit Film Synopsis 2021

The storyline of this film begins when a bank manager is taking his son for an exam. He is named Sung Kyu who is on his way to a university. That day there were no strange signs in his life.

After a few moments of departure, he received a telo from a stranger. It doesn’t even show the person’s phone number. Out of curiosity, he immediately picked up the phone.

When he picked up the phone he was suddenly surprised. Because that person forced Kyung Su to follow all orders from him. Even though Kyung Su himself did not know the person.

The synopsis for the film Hard Hit explains that the car Kyung Su was traveling in contained a dangerous bomb. It was the person on the phone who put the bomb in the car. So he makes a threat for Kyung Su to obey him.

It’s a cunning person’s character. Because at the risk of his life, Kyung Su finally agreed to all his words. Even though he will only be a slave of that person.

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I feel annoyed and feel stupid. It’s just that he believes he can solve the mystery. Even though it’s been consumed by the threats of people on the phone.

Difficult Position

Hard Hit’s synopsis shows that Kyung Su is in a difficult position. Life is the most important thing in life. So that in the future we can be more vigilant with many people.

Because he has confirmed all the statements of the caller, he inevitably has to obey all orders. The thing He thought about was the safety of the child who was about to take the test.

He was afraid that the child would be the next victim. Only Kyung Su suffers. He is not sincere if someone carelessly hurts the child’s heart.

The Hard Hit movie synopsis shows Kyung Su who doesn’t believe the caller’s statement. I just feel like this is just a joke.

But everything changes when his co-worker also gets the same phone. Even the number doesn’t exist the same as Rama’s.

Not only threats, the person also asked for a ransom to be safe from dangerous bombs. Kyung Su’s co-workers seem to be panicking too much. So they both feel like fate.

Everything became tense because the front car suddenly exploded. The reason is that the driver of the car tried to get out even though he had to obey orders from the caller.

Terrible Situation

The Hard Hit movie synopsis explains that the atmosphere is getting tenser. Finally Kyung Su is willing to comply with all the requests of the caller. He will do anything for the safety of the child.

Although in fact he also objected to the orders given. Kyung Su also hides everything from the child. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt because of it.

Given that the impact of a car explosion must be detrimental to many parties. Kyung Su tried to comply with all these requests. He tried to be able to give what the caller asked including money.

Now he is trapped in a car containing a bomb. So that the lives of all passengers as well as drivers are in great threat. Make the slightest mistake, the bomb will explode.

How is the continuation of the Hard Hit film synopsis? Can Kyung Su be free from the bomb trap in his car? Curious? Watch the full story tomorrow 23 June 2021 and find the answers to the whole plot.

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