Synopsis of Green Mother’s Club Drama, Unusual Mother Gang Conflict


The synopsis of the drama Green Mother’s Club became one of those that received high ratings in the third week of April.

The Korean drama, which aired on Wednesday and Thursday, managed to show quite a tight competition with other titles.

According to Nielsen Korea data, this JTBC drama was able to achieve a rating of 3.6 percent.

Green Mother’s Club itself is a drama that tells the unique journey of mothers in educating their children.

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Synopsis of the Drama Green Mother’s Club which won high ratings

JTBC is currently airing their drama entitled Green Mother’s Club. This drama has aired its first episode on Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

The rating that this drama gets is quite high compared to competitors who have the same broadcast schedule.

Green Mother’s Club itself is directed by Ra Ha Na in collaboration with scriptwriter Shin Yi Won.

The Dark Side of Parental Community in Elementary School

The synopsis of the drama Green Mother’s Club is quite different from most dramas currently airing in April. Instead of focusing on love scenes, this drama shows the lives of parents.

Maybe you can already guess the main focus of the story from the title of this drama. Green Mother’s Club tells how mothers are in one community because their children go to the same school.

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It turns out, there is a dangerous relationship between parents at the elementary school. There are various hidden dark sides of this community.

Housewife Conflict

Lee Eun Pyo who earned the nickname “New Mom” ​​recently moved to the neighborhood and enrolled her child in a prestigious private school.

He who just had a child, was forced to adapt to the atmosphere of the gang of mothers around him. They have a lot of demands.

On the other hand, Byun Choon Hee who became the queen in the synopsis of the drama Green Mother’s Club began to keep her distance from other mothers because she did not want to be rivaled.

As a result, conflicts between mothers are unavoidable. However, an unusual close relationship emerged between them.

They begin to get to know each other and open up to each other about concerns about how to raise children well. How will their story continue?

Drama Cast List

There are five very different mother figures. They all came from the same parent association at the elementary school.

The first character named Lee Eun Pyo who is a housewife with a prestigious education who has just moved is played by Lee Yo Won.

There is also Cha Ja Hyun who plays Byun Choon Hee who is a beautiful queen bee who has a house adjacent to Lee Eun Pyo.

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Choon Hee himself is at the highest peak of the social life of his parents there.

Next there is Kim Kyu playing the role of Seo Jin Ha who is a former friend of Lee Eun Pyo in the synopsis of the drama Green Mother’s Club.

Then Jang Hye Jin played the role of Kim Young Mi who is the sworn enemy of Byun Choon Hee.

Finally, there is Park Yoon Joo who is a fierce mother and loves her children very much, played by Joo Min Kyung.

In addition, there are also several other characters, namely:

  • Choi Duk Moon plays the role of Joo Seok.
  • Yoon Kyung Hoo as Man Soo.
  • Im Su Hyung as Gun Woo.
  • You Are as Sae Bom.
  • Choi Jae Rim as Jae Woong.

Available on Netflix

The drama Green Mother’s Club in Korea itself airs through the JTBC channel. However, the Green Mother’s Club channel does not have subtitles which makes it very difficult.

Even so, currently lovers of Indonesian Korean dramas who want to watch Green Mother’s Club officially anti-piracy can go through the Netflix application.

Netflix is ​​a movie and drama streaming application. No need to worry, there is already a choice of Indonesian subtitles for the drama Green Mother’s Club.

The drama Green Mother’s Club has an interesting storyline that you really don’t want to miss. If you are bored with dramas that have a thick love story, then you can watch this synopsis of the drama Green Mother’s Club.


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