Synopsis of Ex Machina Film, The Story of a Humanoid Robot Named Ava


Synopsis Ex Machina tells the story of an employee at a technology company. The employee’s name is Caleb Smith.

Caleb is one of the employees who have brilliant achievements. The reason, he managed to win an office contest.

Who would have thought, for his success he got a gift to visit a luxurious house. The luxury house belongs to none other than its CEO.

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Ex Machina is a British science fiction film. Alex Garland is the director and screenwriter of the film.

Meanwhile, the producers of this film are Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich. The film, which has a viewing duration of 110 minutes, was first released in 2015 on BFI Southbank.

Synopsis for Ex Machina, Can Caleb Take Ava Away?

The characters in this film are played by a row of famous stars. They are Domhnall Gleeson (Caleb Smith), Alicia Vikander (Ava), Oscar Isaac (Nathan), Corey Johnson (Jay), and Sonoya Mizuno (Kyoko).

In addition to the cast list, there are also other stars such as Symara A, Templeman (Jasmine), Claire Selby (Lily), Elina Alminas (Amber), to Tiffany Pisani (Katya).

Ex Machina managed to become a film with a fairly good achievement. IMDb recorded a rating for this film of 7.7 out of 10. Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 92% and an audience of 86%.

Caleb Smith’s Career Journey

The synopsis of the film Ex Machina will first tell how the career journey of the main character, Caleb Smith. The technology company Caleb works for is called Blue Book.

Not an ordinary technology company, but an unquestionably sophisticated search engine technology.

The house that Caleb visited after he won the competition belongs to the CEO of the Blue Book company, Nathan Bateman.

Nathan Bateman Develops a Robot

Even though Nathan has such a luxurious house, it is located in a remote place. This seems to describe Nathan’s life which is completely closed.

Turns out, Nathan didn’t just live alone in the house. He has an assistant named Kyoto.

Unfortunately, Kyoto has poor communication skills because they cannot speak English.

As a CEO of a technology company, of course Nathan has extraordinary abilities. This will be a continuation of the Ex Machina film synopsis which is getting more and more exciting.

Nathan develops a humanoid robot. He made it using Artificial Intelligence or AI technology.

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Nathan calls the humanoid robot Ava. Even though Ava has passed the Turing test, Nathan wants Caleb to evaluate the robot he made.

Caleb’s relationship with Ava

In this synopsis of the film Ex Machina, we will also see the closeness between Caleb and Ava. Like a humanoid robot, Ava has the ability to think and have patience.

Regarding the body, Ava is indeed a robot, but her face is similar to that of a human. During the conversation between the two, Ava begins to show her interest in Caleb.

Apart from having the ability to interact with other people, Ava can also trigger power outages. In fact, Ava can also turn off the surveillance system.

Their conversation grew more intense, when Ava shared her desire to see the outside world. To prevent Nathan from listening to their conversation, Ava turned off the surveillance system.

To her surprise, Ava tells Caleb that Nathan is actually a liar. Nathan was not someone to be trusted.

Caleb and Ava’s Plan to Escape From Nathan

The synopsis of the film Ex Machina has reached its peak. After listening to Ava’s story, Caleb plans to trick Nathan.

He did this with the aim that Caleb could take Ava out of Nathan’s house. After that, Caleb steals the security card to access Nathan’s room and computer.

He then changed Nathan’s code. However, he was surprised after seeing a recording.

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In the footage, Nathan is seen interacting with the previous Android model, it turns out to be Kyoto. In other words, Kyoto is also a humanoid robot just like Ava.

This made Caleb feel suspicious of Nathan. Maybe, actually Nathan is also a robot.

Even though Caleb tried everything to get Ava away, it wasn’t easy. The reason, Nathan himself is an intelligent person.

Will Caleb manage to get Ava away? To see the continuation of the synopsis of the film Ex Machina, it will air on Netflix on May 16, 2022.


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