Synopsis of Emergency Declaration Film About Airplane Landing


Synopsis of the film Emergency Declaration explains the story of the emergency landing of an airplane. This film is directed by director Han Jae-Rim. The Emergency Declaration includes the 2021 Korean film.

This film premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. It will take place on 6-17 July 2021 as an Out of Competition category along with seven other films. No wonder it became the favorite film of millions of people.

Regarding the players, being able to show the action is very extraordinary. They are Song Kang Ho, Jeon Do-Yeon, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Nam-gil, and Yim Siwan. This makes all the audience very enthusiastic.

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In making it cooperate with various parties. Such as the production company Wooju Film Co. Meanwhile, the distributor is Showbox Company.

Review Synopsis of the Latest Film Emergency Declarate 2021

This film is about the emergency landing of an airplane that is plagued by fatal problems. This is in accordance with the title of this film because it relates to the world of aviation. The plane is famous for its flight style which is quite spectacular.

Seeing something dangerous, the plane had to stop forcibly. This is a major lesson from a person who works at an airport. Especially for those who operate planes or fly planes

In the story, the plane often travels by air because it is known to be very tough. No wonder at that time there were many passengers who used the plane. They happened to be heading to the Hawaii area.

The synopsis for the film Emergency Declaration shows a serious problem when traveling to Hawaii. The pilot announced that there was an emergency which was quite urgent. Even the pilot also asked for an unconditional landing.

It aims to deal with disasters in the air. So you have to do something to save everyone’s life.

In this film, Song Kang Ho plays a detective who investigates the accident. The actress Jeon Do-Yeon is a general.

Film Artists and Actors

The synopsis of the film Emergency Declaration shows the presence of Lee Byung Hun who plays a father figure. However, this father has a phobia with airplanes. So too traumatized by an emergency situation.

The young actor Im Siwan also plays a plane passenger. Actress Kim So Jin as flight attendant. There was even Kim Nam Gil who became the co-pilot of the plane.

Everyone who joins the aircraft team is able to work well together. In fact, they are quite skilled in the process of airplane flight.

Super Natural Player Talent

The synopsis of the film Emergency Declaration describes Song Kang Ho, who after starring in Parasite in 2019. This shows the talent and professional life in acting.

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They really understand each other’s characters which are quite complicated. Even so, all of them are still learning and trying to recognize their role.

So it will not give very maximum results. It can even penetrate to get many awards and appear in famous festivals.

Gives a Tense Atmosphere

Synopsis of the film Emergency Declaration shows a very tense scene. In terms of the title shows a sensation of tension. Because unexpected landing is a very terrible thing.

Not just anyone can do it. The wrong decision can have fatal consequences for all passengers on board. Therefore, all require great effort.

The actors who promise to be able to perform with the maximum. No wonder if the quality of this film can enter the international world.

All actors can play very varied roles. Even the division of roles is very even according to their abilities.

Filming Process Delayed Due to Covid-19

The synopsis of the film Emergency Declaration shows that the shooting process will take place in March 2020. However, due to Covid-19, there is a time delay.

In this case, it finally started producing the film in 2021. So it became a very popular film for audiences all over the country. The story is very interesting plot. Many points of view that vary according to the character.

His story has won various awards, including the Best New Director award and Best Screenplay through a film. The title is the 2005 film Rules of Dating. Appeared at the 2005 Blue Dragon Film Festival.

How does the synopsis of the film Emergency Declaration continue? Is the story really that suspenseful? Watch this exciting film after its release through a festival.

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