Synopsis of Drama Woori the Virgin, Airing Today!


Synopsis of the drama Woori the Virgin is one of the shows that will enliven the entertainment world this May 2022.

The second week of May 2022 was greeted with an exciting Korean drama title. This latest drama is titled Woori the Virgin.

Having a romantic comedy genre, this drama turned out to be a remake from an American series called Jane the Virgin.

It makes quite a lot of people impatient for the screening of this drama. Will the Korean version be more exciting than the American series?

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Synopsis of the drama Woori the Virgin, Airing the Second Week of May

Tired of the usual romantic spectacle? You might want to try the romantic comedy genre.

A Korean drama will soon air in the second week of May with the title Woori the Virgin. The director who worked on this drama was Jung Jung Hwa who worked with scriptwriter Jang Ah Mi.

Based on the synopsis of the series, this drama will tell the story of a woman named Oh Woori. He is 29 years old and works as an assistant writer for the famous makjang series.

Oh Woori’s Love Life

The main character in the synopsis of the drama Woori the Virgin is Oh Woori who is a 29-year-old woman.

At the age of almost entering the head of three, he currently has a profession as an assistant writer on a popular drama series.

In his personal life, Oh Woori turns out to already have a lover. He has been dating a detective named Lee Gang Jae.

Even though she’s been dating this man for a long time, Oh Woori still consistently maintains her virginity. He wanted to wait until he married his lover.

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Lee Gang Jae as a lover is quite appreciative of Oh Woori’s decision.

Unexpected Pregnancy

Woori and Lee Gang Jae live their normal love life without any problems. One day, Oh Woori went to Obgyn.

He often does routine checks. However, something unexpected that changed his life happened.

During the examination, the doctor who examined Oh Woori made a mistake. It was fatal because it made Oh Woori pregnant through artificial insemination.

In the end, it was revealed in the synopsis of the drama Woori the Virgin that the biological father of the fetus in Oh Woori’s womb was Raphael.

Raphael himself is a CEO of a well-known cosmetic company who has a character with a cold impression in the eyes of the public.

But apparently, behind the cold impression Raphael is a romantic man. Raphael just wants to meet the person he loves.

But reality says otherwise. Raphael is already married to Lee Ma Ri, a woman who deliberately approaches and marries him.

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So, how will Woori’s relationship with his lover continue and his unexpected pregnancy?

Drama Woori the Virgin

In this drama you may find some familiar faces, one of which is Im Soo Hyang. The beautiful artist has been famous since starring in popular dramas, such as My ID Is Gangnam Beauty and When I Was The Most Beautiful.

In addition, Woori the Virgin also marks the reunion of Im Soo Hyang with Sung Hoon. After having participated in the same drama title in 2011.

In addition to the two, actor Shin Dong Wook is also included in the ranks of the main players in the synopsis storyline for the drama Woori the Virgin.

Here is the complete list of drama cast:

Im Soo Hyang – Oh Woori

Sung Hoon – Raphael

Shin Dong Wook – Lee Kang Jae

Lee Min Ji – Choi Mi Ae

Hong Ji Yoon – Lee Ma Ri

Hong Eun Hee – Eun Ran

Kim Sa Kwon – The Best Of Kim Sa Kwon

Ahn Shin Woo as Jung Hyung Sik

Available on VIU App

This drama will air through the SBS TV channel in its home country, South Korea. However, VIU also brings this drama on their app.

So, for those of you who are still confused about how to watch the drama Woori the Virgin, then you can use the VIU application. Synopsis of the drama Woori the Virgin comes in 14 episodes, starting today, May 9, 2022.


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