Synopsis of Drama The Sound of Magic, Tops Netflix Popular in 15 Countries


Synopsis of the drama The Sound of Magic airs this May. This Korean drama became the center of attention because of its unique genre.

The Sound of Mafic is a mix of musical and fantasy. Although it seems too childish, this drama actually presents how a person’s process of growing up is.

This drama will present various magical touches that will amaze the audience.

The excitement of Drama Synopsis The Sound of Magic

Netflix is ​​back with its newest Korean drama. The drama titled The Sound of Magic brings a unique fantasy genre.

This drama is played by Ji Chang Wook and is an adaptation of the popular webtoon entitled “Annarasumanara” which was released in 2010.

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The director who worked on The Sound of Magic is Kim Sung Yoon. He is also behind the success of Itaewon Class.

For the script, Sound of Magic brings a unique fantasy genre.

The writer is Kim Min Jung, who has also worked with Kim Sung Yoon on Korea’s Love in the Moonlight.

This drama tells the story of a high school boy who meets with a touch of magic.

High School Boy with Difficult Life

Synopsis of the drama The Sound of Magic will focus on the story of the life journey of a high school boy named Yoo Ah Yi. Even though he is still a high school student, he has to work part time.

That’s what Ah Yi did because he only lived with his younger sister. He never knew the whereabouts of his parents, so he had to try to support himself.

His father ran away from home because of a debt collector. Later, Ah Yi’s mother also left the house.

Even so, Yoon ah Yi is a smart child. Even in the midst of poor financial conditions, Ah Yi is still able to occupy the top rank in his school in terms of academics.

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Not only that, Ah Yi also had a beautiful appearance. Because of his difficult life, then Ah Yi was precocious.

Engage in the Magic World

One day, Yoon Ah Yi in the synopsis of the drama The Sound of Magic meets a witch named Lee Eul at an abandoned amusement park.

At first he was worried because he heard a number of rumors about Lee Eul. One of the rumors is that Lee Eul will ask one question before eliminating the target.

Finally, Ah Yi tries to run away when he meets Lee Eul. Until one day Lee Eul came to help Yoo Ah Yi, but the help scared him.

Help came several times to make Ah Yi believe in magic and miracles. Il Deung, who is an outstanding student in Ah Yi’s class, also learns magic with Lee Eul.

List of Drama Casts That Stealed Public’s Attention

The main players from the synopsis of the drama The Sound of Magic that caught the audience’s attention include:

  • Ji Chang Wook as Lee Eul
  • Choi Seung Eun as Yoon Ah Yi
  • Hwang In Yeop as Na Il Deung
  • Ji Hye Woo and Kim Bo Yoon as Baek Ha Na and Kim So Hee
  • Jo Han Chul as Yoo Ah Yi’s father

Successfully Top Netflix Popular in 15 Countries

The Sound of Magic started streaming on May 6, 2022 on the Netflix platform. This drama is attracting attention because of the players who are top actors.

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Not only that, the colorful fantasy storyline is also one of the advantages of this Netflix drama. Its unique concept makes anyone curious about this drama.

The drama was released simultaneously in 190 countries. Some time after its release, the drama The Sound of Magic managed to rank first on ‘Netflix Popular Tv Programs’.

Surprisingly, this drama ranked first in 15 countries at once, namely Baharian, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Jordan, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.

You can also still watch the continuation of the synopsis of the drama The Sound of Magic through the Netflix platform. No need to worry because Netflix has provided subtitles in various languages, including Indonesian officially for you.


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