Synopsis of A Day In Tongyeong, Cooperate with Yoo In Young as the main actor


Synopsis A Day In Tongyeong really steals the attention. This film will star Yoo In Young. It tells the story of a woman who works in a music company and her despair.

The news that has been reported by The Korean Times is a direct statement by the actress’s agency. On August 3, 2021, WIP always the agency confirmed the return of Yoo In Young.

This time he brought the main character of this film. After appearing in several dramas of different genres, as well as variety shows, the senior actress has returned to the world of acting. Several years of vacuum, his fans can finally be enthusiastic about Yoo In Young’s project this time.

Synopsis Review of A Day In Tongyeong

This film has not been widely revealed to the media until now. However, from the female cast, there is a little leak about this story.

Tells the story of a female character named Hee Yeon. His life as a worker who has been in a music company for 8 years.

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Until finally he managed to become the director of production. But there came a time when he produced a musical work that was not as successful as before.

Making his career threatened and had to resign from the position. The hopeless feeling of the exhibition will be present in the synopsis scene of A Day In Tongyeong.

Meet the Healer

This story will become more colorful when Hee Yeon meets a new person. The character is named Sung Sun, a woman who has a pleasant personality. The presence of this light-hearted woman creates new hope for Hee Yeon. Until in the end they became close friends.

Someone who is desperate for a career that he started many years ago. Then fate brought together a friend who helped him to get through the storm in his life.

We will see how close the two friends are in the synopsis of A Day In Tongyeong. As we are with people we trust to share complaints.


Well, the short story that has been revealed from this latest film is quite interesting. So far, it’s not clear whether there will be any romance.

Only two female characters go through difficult times with each other. While the genre or number of this drama has not been confirmed much.

This A Day In Tongyeong synopsis gives us a sense of curiosity. Like taking the title which mentions an area in South Korea. This area is famous for its sea tourism which is still beautiful. The countryside still has its distinctive culture and delicious food.


To decide to listen to this review, you will get quite interesting information. Because this film means that it will use the background of the Tongyeong place.

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With soothing sea views, away from the city. The possibility of using various sets is interesting when in this area.

Not only the sea, scenic tours from the top of the cable car, also some culinary tours will be interesting. We can see how the execution of the production team will present this story.

Synopsis A Day In Tongyeong

So far it is still unclear which players will be involved in this one film. Except for the female lead named Yoo In Young as Hee Yeon. Well, here is the confirmed cast profile.

Started a career as an advertising model to become an artist. The woman who was born on January 5, 1984 is now approximately 37 years old. Enter the world of acting and play a role in a series of famous drama titles as well as films. He always manages to attract the attention of his fans.

Some of the most popular recent dramas that he had played a few years ago. Like A Man Called God in 2010, Dummy Mommy in 2012, and finally Cheese in the Trap in 2018.

MC World

This senior actress is not only famous as a talented actor. In the world of MC, he had the opportunity to be on the program Love Me Actually which aired on MBC.

As for variety shows, he starred in Law f Jungle. A famous program that aired on SBS television station. The track record of the main actors in this drama is quite brilliant. Not only in the world of acting, but also in other arts industries.

Synopsis A Day In Tongyeong, which has not been discussed much in depth, will be an interesting film. Not only in the story and the players, but the setting of the place is interesting.

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