Synopsis Juvenile Justice, Korean Drama about Juvenile Delinquency – Synopsis Juvenile Justice tells of Shim Eun Sook (Kim Hye Soo), a judge at the juvenile crime court.

The reason for choosing to be a judge for minor crimes is based on hatred.

He had been a victim of minor crimes so he was determined to punish juvenile criminals.

Kim Hye Soo is an artist born in 1970 who is actively playing dramas and films.

The drama Juvenile Justice is his comeback after starring in Hyena (2020).

In this Korean drama, we will also see Kim Moo Yul who plays Cha Tae Ju, Shim Eun Sook’s co-worker.

We can watch Juvenile Justice on Netflix starting from February 25, 2022 with a total of 10 episodes.

This crime genre drama explores juvenile delinquency and how to punish them to be a deterrent.

Check out the Synopsis of Korean Drama Juvenile Justice

Shim Eun Sook’s character is an elite judge with a cold personality.

Because her name sounded like a male name, no one thought that judge Shin Eun Sook was actually a woman.

In this drama, juvenile criminals are under the protection of minors.

Often juvenile criminals escape prison sentences and they can repeat their actions after being released from their coaching period.

Because of this, Shim Eun Sook really hates juvenile criminals.

Explore Juvenile Delinquency

In the synopsis of Juvenile Justice, we will witness juvenile delinquency that often occurs around us.

Ranging from minors who smoke and violate the curfew, to murder.

The murder case in this drama is also quite brutal for the size of a juvenile criminal.

The first case that Shim Eun Sook handled was the murder of a child named Yoon Ji Hu.

The suspect, Baek Seong U (Lee Yeon) turned himself in to the police right after committing his crime.

The suspect has a schizophrenic medical record so he will receive a light sentence.

However, Shim Eun Sook studied the behavior of schizophrenia symptoms before the trial.

In the case of Yoon Ji Hu, the perpetrator mutilated and disposed of the victim’s limbs.

People with schizophrenia may not be able to do work that requires high concentration.

In conclusion, Baek Seong U is not the culprit in the Juvenile Justice synopsis.

Curfew Rules for Minors

Interestingly, as a judge, Shim Eun Sook did not remain silent, leaving the field affairs to the police.

But he also went down directly to catch the fugitive.

The real killer was another teenager who controlled Baek Seong U.

At that time, the perpetrator was at an internet cafe at night.

The owner of an internet cafe is also threatened with criminal prosecution for accepting minors after curfew.

Realizing he was about to be caught, the perpetrator immediately fled.

The chase scene in the synopsis of Juvenile Justice shows the dangerous actions of Kim Hye Soo and her co-stars.

Although Shim Eun Sook’s character is a judge, she has great courage to catch criminals.

Kim Moo Yul as Cha Tae Ju

Another judge in the Juvenile Justice synopsis is Cha Tae Ju.

Unlike Shim Eun Sook, Cha Tae Ju has a gentle personality and embraces children.

He deals with children with great patience.

Cha Tae Ju’s character is Kim Moo Yul who previously played the drama Grid.

When playing a different character, Kim Moo Yul managed to capture the audience’s attention with his charm.

He looked charismatic in a judge’s robe.

Apart from his handsome appearance, Cha Tae Ju is also a persistent man.

He managed to get out of the hard times and take the high school qualification exam which is equivalent to the GED in Korea.

Because Shim Eun Sook and Cha Tae Ju have opposite personalities, they often get into conflicts and get into arguments.

However, the two can still work together to punish underage criminals in the Juvenile Justice synopsis.

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