Synopsis Anime Ousama Ranking – Synopsis of the anime Ousama Ranking tells the story of a little prince named Bojji.

He was the first son of King Bosse who was born deaf.

For those who are curious, you can watch the Ousama Ranking anime legally on the IQIYI platform.

This anime is often a trending topic on several social media because the storyline is very exciting.

Graphically, it’s not as good as Attack On Titan or Kimetsu No Yaiba.

However, this anime has its own fans.

Many people like it because of the interesting storyline.

Check out the Synopsis of the Ousama Ranking Anime

This Ousama Ranking anime tells the story of the adventures of Bojji, a little prince, the first son of King Bosse who was born deaf.

Because he was born deaf, many bullied Bojji.

Even so, Bojji still dreams of becoming a formidable king.

Bojji with the Kage on an adventure.

The Kage himself is the only surviving member of the shadow clan.

After a long journey, in the synopsis of the anime Ousama Ranking, now Bojji and Kage return to the Kingdom of Perth which is in great chaos.

The story in episode 19, Oken, the former commander of the Order of the Underworld goes berserk.

Previously, Oken was freed from the Underworld prison with Milanjo’s help for the mission to rule the Kingdom of Perth.

Due to Oken’s rampage, Bojji and Kage are seriously injured.

Despa, Oken’s sister who often helps Bojji try to save him.

Meanwhile, Milanjo comes out of the magic mirror.

He then tried to restore the Kage and Bojji with healing magic.

In the synopsis of the anime Ousama Ranking, during the healing process, Bojji can see glimpses of Milanjo’s life journey.

When Bojji wakes up, he finds himself with Despa in the middle of the black river.

Even though they were far away, they could see the Kage running around calling for his mother.

At that time his mother was seen on the other side of the river.

Bojji wanted to approach the Kage, but a transparent wall held him back, so he couldn’t get out.

It was then that Despa realized that he and Bojji were currently in a world between life and death.

Despa and Bojji could only look on and scream.

They saw the Kage crossing the river in a canoe.

Kage wanted to approach the figure of the mother he missed.

But before the Kage got to the other side of the river, Milanjo arrived.

Milanjo pulled the ropes of the boat.

He then persuaded the Kage.

Kage Awaken

It was then that in the Ousama Ranking anime synopsis, Kage remembered Bojji and his promises.

Milanjo also managed to persuade the Kage not to approach his mother.

The Kage then returned to the side of the river.

Kage had time to wonder why Milanjo saved his life.

But he was still grateful.

After that the Kage returned to wander to find Bojji.

Meanwhile, Milanjo was touched by the Kage’s sincere words of gratitude towards him.

Even though Milanjo was accompanying Daida in the dark room.

Both of them wept with joy.

Milanja then said goodbye, he also thanked Daida.

But Daida doesn’t want to be alone.

Daida begged little Miranjo to come back, then got a whisper, she just had to wait a little longer.

Meanwhile in the anime synopsis Ousama Ranking is told in the Kingdom of Perth at this time the bodies of Bojji, Despa, and Kage are being protected by Mitsumata and a horde of snakes.

Oken attacks Mitsumata, and easily injures, then drinks her blood.

Bebin appears to help, he tries to split Oken’s body into two.

Unfortunately, Bebin’s efforts were in vain, because Oken could easily put his body together again.

Until finally the four Heavenly Kings of the Kingdom of Perth (Bebin, Domas, Derusi, and Apes Bebin) gathered at that place.

They provide information that Oken is immortal.

There is only one way to defeat him, which is to seal him.

So, are you more curious about the continuation of the Ousama Ranking anime synopsis that airs on the IQIYI platform?

Make sure not to stream or watch illegally, yes, as a form of our appreciation to the author.

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