Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Comes with New Characters


Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a modern interpretation of the original Final Fantasy, especially for the now-released NES. The game will follow a man named Jack Garland as he begins his quest to destroy Chaos.

Jack along with his two friends, Ash and Jed, learn about the prophecy of the Warriors of Light destined to bring down Chaos. Then how to play it? Check out the following review!

Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is Now Successfully Released

Finally Team Ninja and Square Enix again share the latest information from Stranger of Paradise. There will be many important details, from the introduction of the latest characters such as Link and Kraken to even the equipment upgrade system.

For Final Fantasy fans, they will always be loyal in waiting for the latest series. The reason is that there is one new game that offers a level of excitement with RPG action gameplay, Stranger of Paradise.

This is one of the Final Fantasy Origin teams, where players must explore the stories of the game’s iconic characters. So can this game live up to these expectations? Are you also curious about the game? Listen to this!

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Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a Canon game, now Canon itself is an episode of the story series in Final Fantasy. Like anime, manga, novels and so on which are written directly by the author himself.

So the Canon version in this game story comes from the original story and is officially released by the author himself. In this game, players will not only have fun, but will also know how the story goes.

The reason is in this game tells the story of the antagonist in FF who is iconic and becomes an important character, his name is Garland. This is a phenomenal classic character that will make the storyline in this game even more interesting and unique.

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Battle Design

In Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, battle designs to dungeons borrow a lot from the Ninja and Nioh franchises. The battles will take place in real-time, as players explore dungeons and find monsters.

Because this game is almost the same as Nioh in the equipment system and also the loot. When defeated, the enemy will drop equipment such as armor and weapons.

Each piece of equipment will also have its own level and correspond to the general level of the dungeon. Meanwhile, the equipment you can have to determine the level of all characters based on a combination of statistics and levels.

Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is also a much more forgiving version of Nioh and has a different difficulty setting. The players including you can sit back and enjoy the game’s storyline.


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