Stocks That Rise Unnaturally, Entered in the Radar Watch

Unnaturally rising stocks are important for you to watch out for. Do not let you invest in these stocks.

This can make you lose money, even have a long-term impact.

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Rows of Stocks Rising Unnaturally

Below are some stocks whose increase is considered unreasonable.

PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk (BELL)

One company that has stocks with unreasonable increases is BELL.

This one company experienced an unusual increase in stock prices. It is also known as UMA (Unusual Market Activity).

For this reason, the Indonesia Stock Exchange was forced to include BELL on the monitoring radar. However, this does not mean that BELL has undermined capital market regulations.

Just for you to know, BELL’s stock rose up to 178.33% in the last month. It then closed with 31.50% at 167 levels.

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In addition to BELL, there is ARKO which also has stocks with unusual increases. Recently, ARKO sold its 608,895,000 shares.

During the IPO, the shares were sold at a price of Rp. 300/unit. We can imagine how much turnover the company will get at that price.

With stocks rising unnaturally, this company continues to be in the spotlight.

Last month, ARKO’s stock rose 41%. However, it closed at a price below the IPO, which was IDR 595/unit.

ARKO stock is experiencing a slowly uptrend. This is what makes ARKO shares cannot be separated from monitoring.


The next unnaturally rising stock was PICO. Since its inception, the company’s stock has only increased slowly.

Not infrequently even decreased. However, at the beginning of July 2022, its shares experienced a rapid increase.

Another unusual thing is that the increase in shares coincides with the sudden increase in transaction volume.

In the end, PICO shares closed at a price of Rp. 206/unit. It’s just that, over time, PICO’s stock fell drastically, even getting hit by the ARB.

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Cause of Stock Increase

Stocks are indeed many investors choose when they want to enter the world of investment. In this case, of course, choose the best and most trusted stocks.

The reason is, this will affect the profits you get later.

So that you don’t make the wrong choice, also understand what are the factors that cause the stock to increase.

One of them is the company’s fundamental factors. In fact, this is a major factor.

You need to know that companies that have good fundamentals always have stocks with rising price trends. You can also choose the shares of this company to get abundant profits.

We cannot deny that there are several companies with unnaturally rising stocks. By knowing what these stocks are, you can avoid losses.

Before you really dive into the world of investment, of course studying stocks has become a must. (R10/HR-Online)