Stocks of Rice Producers, Check the Recommendations!

Stocks of issuers of rice producers are one of the targets that investors are aiming for. If you are also into the world of stocks, then also don’t miss it.

Even if you are interested in this type of stock, then you can see what the recommendations are.

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Stock Recommendation for Rice Producer Issuers

As we know, rice is one of the basic needs that must be met properly. This is what is able to attract the attention of investors.

To find out what the recommendations are, you can follow the reviews below.

PT Wahana Inti Makmur Tbk

One of the companies that offer these types of shares is PT Wahana Inti Makmur Tbk.

In attracting investors, the company creates shares of issuers of rice producers with the code NASI. NASI shares often experience an increase.

It even reached Rp 208 per share from the initial Rp 155 per share at the IPO. The increase in share price is around 34.19%.

The more attention of investors because it also experienced an increase to Rp 228 per share.

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PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk

The company PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk or known as HOKI is also recommended by many investors.

This is because HOKI is able to provide maximum profit for investors. Even in 2022 this brings even happier news.

The distribution of dividends in 2021 has already been approved. 61% of the total net profit earned in 2021 will be dividends. The percentage share of the issuer of the rice producer is Rp 9.67 billion.

This company is also increasingly profitable for investors because it makes it easier to buy each product. The benefits offered start from massive discounts.

You can do this only by using the WarungKoki.ID online application.

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PT HOKI Distribution Commerce

The shares that PT HOKI Distribution Niaga owns can also attract investors. The company, also known as HDN, is a subsidiary of the HOKI company. It is not surprising that the shares of this rice producer issuer can be chosen by investors.

The company produces large branded DailyMeal Eats. Until now, the company has presented various variants. Call it special spicy fried rice, kebuli rice, and fragrant savory uduk rice.

These culinary creations are certainly very suitable for investors who are also lovers of Indonesian cuisine.

Only by taking advantage of DailyMeal Eats, you can serve dishes practically. The matter of taste also deserves your thumbs up.

This product offers a distinctive taste and is sure to arouse anyone’s taste buds to enjoy it.

If the right company chooses, then the shares of issuers of rice producers can provide promising profits. You can also look at some of the recommendations above.

In addition, you can check other recommendations but still pay attention to the reputation of the company. Don’t invest in the wrong stocks because it can be detrimental and disappointing. (R10/HR-Online)