Stocks Listed on the Stock Exchange from Big Companies, Here Are The Recommendations

Stocks listed on the IDX are quite varied. However, there are several shares of large companies listed in it.

The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is the result of a merger between the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange.

IDX was formed in 2007 which became active on December 1 of the same year.

Currently there are several issuers listed in it, which are around 790 and there are 3 issuers of preferred stock, namely CNTX (CNTB), MAMI (MAMIP), and MYRX (MYRXP).

The size of a company is usually also influenced by its market capitalization and price. There are large companies with shares listed on the IDX.

Most of these issuers have the status of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN). In addition, the value of shares also has an influence on investor interest in investing in the issuer.

There are many issuers or companies whose shares have been listed on the IDX. As is the case with several large companies whose shares are listed below.

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Stocks Listed on the Stock Exchange of Large Companies

Many large companies whose shares have been listed on the IDX.

With the stock record, it proves that the company has investors large enough to put their money in the issuer.

If you still don’t know some of the stocks on the IDX, here are some stock records from the biggest companies, including:

PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk

The first shares listed on the IDX are from PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk. This company was bustling after its investment in GOTO became an inappropriate step.

However, in March 2022, Telkom’s market capitalization value increased. The figure shown reached Rp 453.7 trillion.

There are several shareholders who are divided into two types. Starting from the government at 52.09% and the public at 47.91%.

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PT Bank Central Asia Tbk

As for the next largest company whose shares are listed on the IDX, namely PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. BCA is actually the largest company with the highest share price capitalization in Indonesia.

The shares owned by PT Dwimuria Investama Andalan are 54.94% and the remaining 45.06% to the general public.

The shares of this company are owned by an affiliated party with PT Dwimuria Investama Andalan. The share sustainability report was recorded at 2.49%.

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk

In addition to BCA, a banking company whose shares are listed on the IDX is BRI. This company is also the largest issuer that divides its shares into two.

The shares held by the government are 56.75% and the others to the public are 43.25%. BRI has a market capitalization in March 2022 of IDR 699 trillion.

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PT Bank Mandiri Tbk

The market capitalization value of Bank Mandiri’s shares reached Rp 364 trillion. The share ownership was recorded by the government as the largest holder at 60%, local ownership at 7.01% and foreign ownership at 32.99%.

Actually, there are still many companies whose shares are listed on the IDX. However, these are some of the big companies that enter the stock market. (R10/HR-Online)

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