Stocks Immune to Inflation, This is a Domestic to Overseas Recommendation

Inflation-resistant stocks don’t come in large numbers. Because not all stocks can remain standing when these conditions occur.

High global inflation conditions will be a threat.

However, this condition is also an investment opportunity, especially for assets in the form of shares. Stocks are one of the most popular types of investment.

Stocks are also one of the assets that provide positive benefits when the inflation rate rises. Unfortunately not all stocks are inflation-resistant and give a positive performance when inflation rises.

Choose a sector to invest in when the price of goods and services is rising. You need to pay attention to these two things when investing in stocks.

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Recommendations for Inflation Resistant Stocks

In research, BRI Danareksa reports that there are several strategic recommendations related to stock investment during inflation. As is well known, stocks are one of the most popular instruments.

If you are an investor who invests in domestic assets, inflationary conditions will affect financial assets.

This does not only occur in stock investments, but also in bonds and exchange rates.

It is not only abroad that inflation occurs. But in the country also experienced the same thing.

BI or Bank Indonesia estimates that in June 2022 this weekly survey will show inflation to rise by 4.05% on an annual basis.

In response to this inflation, BRI Danareksa Sekuritas recommends several stocks that are considered safe havens.

Especially for stocks related to domestic consumers, food, energy, and stocks with US dollar earnings.

The first stocks recommended for inflation-resistant stocks came from the consumer staples, telco, and toll road sectors such as UNVR, EXCL, and JSMR.

Meanwhile, for the second order the recommended stocks are commodities and the third is poultry such as ADRO, MDKA and JPFA.

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Overseas Stock

In addition to stocks that are immune to domestic inflation, now there are also several lists from abroad. One of them is the stock of Coca Cola (KO).

This stock is an example of a business that is resistant to recession under any conditions.

Even if the economy is up or down drastically, the stock will be stable. This is because the price of a can of coke is still affordable for the majority of global individuals.

In addition, the company is deeply entrenched that provides pricing power by relying on wise strategies of the past.

Keeping prices stable can slowly reduce the size of the packaging bottles.

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In addition, Coca Cola’s stock has also experienced various conditions and was able to maintain its position despite various levels of unnatural inflation.

Actually there are some foreign stocks that are able to survive and are immune to inflation. This happens because there are several factors that influence it. (R10/HR-Online)

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