Stocks Entered on the Stock Exchange Watchlist Have Predefined Criteria

Stocks on the stock exchange’s watchlist seem to have strengthened recently. Usually an investor or trader makes up to hundreds of instruments.

It is used to make timely informed investment decisions.

IDX or the Indonesia Stock Exchange has provided information related to the list of equity securities. In its latest monitoring, it is noted that if it is effective as of June 24, 2022.

Previously, the last list indicated that 134 were included in special monitoring. However, on the latest list, the number of shares is reduced to 133.

The shares issued from monitoring or included in the stock exchange watchlist are PT Harapan Duta Pertiwi Tbk (HOPE).

Previously, the company was included in criteria 10 or was stopped trading securities for more than one trading day due to trading activities.

In its implementation, the IDX refers to regulation Number II-S concerning trading of Equity Securities, namely under Special Monitoring.

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Criteria for Stocks to Enter the Stock Exchange Watchlist

IDX itself has strengthened various companies by adhering to trade regulations.

Not only that, this is also related in order to provide protection to investors from fundamental information or liquidity of listed companies.

With this, the company is also listed on the stock exchange list which is equity in special monitoring or watchlist.

Considering a watchlist is a monitoring effect for a potential trade or investment opportunity.

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The function of the watchlist itself is to help investors track the company’s financial condition and others. So that all things related and affect the instrument.

Investors can monitor the list, waiting for certain criteria to be met. For example about trading at a certain volume.

Exit the 52 week range or move up to 200 days before placing the trade. The criteria for equity securities under special monitoring are:

  • The average share price for the last 6 months on the regular market is less than Rp 51.00
  • Did not record revenue or there was no change in the financial statements from before
  • The latest financial statements show no opinion or disclaimer
  • The company is engaged in coal and mineral mining, has carried out the stages for production operations, but has not yet reached the sales process
  • Has negative equity on the last financial statement.

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The Right Time to Use the Watchlist

Stocks included in the stock exchange watchlist usually already have certain criteria. In this way investors can be helped in buying shares in certain sectors.

But when the sector has a high value, it is likely that some of the stock offerings are also at a high price.

Investors can list all stocks in various sectors to track or even assess price ratios.

This happens to find out revenue and sales. When the company is included in the list of certain criteria, the stock becomes a potential candidate for investment.

Currently, there are many websites that provide online watchlists. So that it can determine the right data and time to use shares to enter the stock exchange watchlist. (R10/HR-Online)

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