Shares of Insurance Issuers Rise, AHAP Takes the Highest Position

Shares of insurance issuers have been on the IDX’s radar for monitoring. This is due to an increase in stock prices outside.

PT Asuransi Harta Aman Pratama Tbk (AHAP) is one of the insurance issuers that recorded a price spike or Unusual Market Activity (UMA).

In the first three months of 2022, several companies recorded quite good profits.

The issuer is insurance. Of the 7 issuers that reported their finances, there were 5 issuers that gave signs of an increase.

The increase was not significant, but the cause of the relatively similar growth came from premium income from the property and motor vehicle insurance segments.

There are several stocks of insurance issuers that recorded a fairly high profit increase.

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Shares of Insurance Issuers with High Profit Increase

Of the several series of issuers that recorded net income, one that rose significantly was AHAP shares. PT Asuransi Harta Aman Pratama Tbk or AHAP is one of those that has been monitored by the IDX.

The Indonesia Stock Exchange recorded a jump of 114.04%. This happened during the last month and rose 93.65% in the week.

However, after the shares with the AHAP code entered, UMA was observed to be sinking.

Note the previous price spike is no longer visible. Yesterday, trading at 10.23 WIB, AHAP’s shares were observed to have fallen drastically.

By 6.87% to the level of Rp 122 per unit. With this condition, it is noted that there is an unusual increase in the price of insurance shares (UMA).

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Extraordinary Stock Price Increase (UMA)

Shares of insurance issuers experienced some fairly high net profit records. Like the shares of PT Asuransi Harta Aman Pratama Tbk.

The company is the one who gets the highest price increase.

Even the issuer with the AHAP stock code is included in the price outside the custom or UMA. The announcement of the UMA does not always indicate a violation of the capital market law.

However, along with the existence of UMA on AHAP shares, the IDX is also observing the development of the stock pattern.

With this in mind, the IDX also recommends that investors pay attention to the answers to listed companies.

can observe the performance of the company’s corporate action listed companies and their information.

From the existing data, this insurance stock will also issue approximately 1.96 billion new shares. This offering will take place in a limited public offering IV (PUT IV) or rights issue.

AHAP shares themselves will add investment with the presence of Pre-emptive Rights (HMETD) of a maximum of 1.96.

AHAP experienced a significant strengthening with an increase in volume. It’s just that after that profit taking took place.

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This has become a special concern from the Indonesia Stock Exchange because insurance stocks reported high profits.

Even included in the shares of insurance issuers PT Asuransi Harta Aman Pratama Tbk or AHAP. (R10/HR-Online)