Sad Tropics Synopsis: Kim Seon Ho’s Potential for Film Debut


Synopsis of the film Sad Tropics will tell about the journey of a man who was born from the culture of both parents who are not the same. He must go through a bad situation and get caught in a puddle of bad people on his way to meet his father.

That said, reportedly, Kim Seon Ho has the potential to be the star of this film. Right now he was just considering the offer. As is the case with what has been confirmed by SALT Entertainment as the agency that houses Kim Seon Ho.

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“Kim Seon Hoon is considering the offer for the role in the Sad Tropics film carefully and as well as possible.” The agency revealed on September 6, 2021, quoting from Soompi on Monday (6/9/2021).

Sad Tropics Synopsis Review

Sad Tropics will take the background of cultural differences, namely the Philippines and South Korea. The main focus point is on a man who was born into a family with a different cultural background.

His father is of South Korean descent, while his mother is Filipino. The man has the biggest dream in his life, which is to become a professional boxer.

The man then decided to go to Korea to meet his father who had left him. While on a journey to find his father, the man’s story is not okay.

He deals with bad people. In fact, he also had to get past his trappings in random situations that he never imagined before.

Kim Seon Ho’s Potential for Sad Tropics Movie Role

This is the first time that actor Kim Seon Ho has received a film acting offer. It could be that Kim Seon Ho’s film debut is in the synopsis of this Sad Tropics film, if indeed he accepts his offer.

Apart from Kim Seon Ho, there will be one more main character in this drama. However, there has been no confirmation regarding this. Kim Seon Ho himself will play a character he has never touched before.

Based on weekly ranking research from Good Data Corporation, actor Kim Seon Ho is a Korean drama star who became a byword this week, the fourth week of August.

Besides appearing in dramas, Kim Seon Ho’s face is also very familiar on variety shows. As a complement to the synopsis of the film Sad Tropics, let’s look at a brief biography of actor Kim Seon Ho.

A Brief About Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho is a South Korean actor who was born on May 8, 1986. He started his career on stage and appeared in a number of theatrical dramas. In 2017, it marked Kim Seon Ho’s debut on the small screen with the drama titled Good Manager.

Long before that, namely in 2009, Kim Seon Ho had finished his studies at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and started to join the theater. It was only in 2017, thanks to his hard work and struggles, that Kim Seon Ho was able to show his acting skills on the small screen.

Such success was able to lead Kim Seon Ho to win an award at the MBC Drama Awards. In fact he won the award twice his first year, 1207.

In the next period, Kim Seon Ho debuted the main role through the drama You Drive Me Crazy (MBC, 2018) with his co-star Lee Yoo Young. He also took part in the project 100 Days My Prince, a drama that received high ratings at that time.

Steps Up to the Synopsis of Sad Tropics

Kim Seon Ho’s name started to boom with his involvement in the TV drama series Start-Up (tvN, 2020). It was at that time that actor Kim Seon Ho gained his popularity.

Kim Seon Ho topped the actor reputation in the drama organized by the Korean Business Research Institute for November. He is also currently in a duet with Epitone Project for the release of a single titled ‘Reason’, last May.

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For now, Kim Seon Ho is still focused on completing his new drama project, ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’. The drama with Shin Min Ah is predicted to finish filming in October to November.

Then Kim Seon Ho will continue to work on the synopsis for the film Sad Tropics. The other cast members are still in the search phase.

The production team used auditions to simplify the process of finding other main characters. While the person in charge of production and director, Park Hoon Jung, is more likely to schedule the filming and release of the film immediately.

Because the information about this film turned out to be enough to arouse the enthusiasm of the public, especially Kim Seon Ho’s fans. They can’t wait to see the appearance of Kim Seon Ho’s role in the film by playing a role that he has never tried before.

Are you the waiting team for the release of this film? Don’t forget to stay abreast of developments regarding the next Sad Tropics film synopsis.


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