Review Film Recalled, Between De Javu and Hallucinations

The film review Recalled tells the story of Soo Jin (Seo Yea Ji) who wakes up after an accident.

She loses her memory, but her husband, Ji Hoon (Kim Kang Woo) takes care of her with great care.

They both returned home and everything seemed fine.

Soo Jin rests at home, while Ji Hoon attends an interview at a company in order to earn a living.

Soo Jin is bored at home, so she starts to walk around the apartment building.

While in the elevator, Soo Jin meets a girl.

Suddenly Soo Jin saw the child was hit by a car while crossing.

Worried, Soo Jin chased the boy down the highway and he almost got hit by a car himself.

Luckily, by that time Ji Hoon had come home and saved Soo Jin.

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Soo Jin and Ji Hoon head home.

They suffered minor injuries when they were almost hit by a car, but not too badly.

Ji Hoon has prepared a cake to celebrate Soo Jin’s return from the hospital.

Not only that, Ji Hoon also put up a painting of a lake in Canada.

In the review of the film Recalled, Soo Jin goes through boring days.

He has nothing to do but take a walk to collect his memories.

As he was jotting down memory fragments, he suddenly realized that he could draw.

Strange Things Begin to Appear

Soo Jin meets up with her co-workers. Even though he doesn’t remember anything, his co-workers know Soo Jin well.

It turns out that Soo Jin is a kindergarten teacher.

A month ago, Soo Jin told a coworker that she wanted to go hiking and divorce her husband.

Hearing this, Soo Jin begins to suspect her husband.

Why does everything seem fine when Soo Jin wanted a divorce a month ago?

The film review Recalled continues Soo Jin’s story where two detectives from the police have guests.

The detective asked some questions about her husband.

Since Soo Jin doesn’t remember anything, he can’t give much information.

When the detectives are about to leave, they feel Soo Jin and Ji Hoon’s wedding photo is unnatural.

In the photo, the bride is on the left.

Then Soo Jin asks Ji Hoon for an explanation.

Why didn’t Ji Hoon tell him that he worked as a kindergarten teacher?

Ji Hoon explains slowly that he plans to tell Soo Jin once he’s fully recovered.

The lake painting in their house is Soo Jin’s work, but the doctor says Soo Jin may not be able to paint anymore.

The Murder Mystery Involving Ji Hoon

In addition to the girl in the elevator, Soo Jin also meets the teenage girl in the apartment building.

While in the elevator, Soo Jin suddenly sees the girl being tortured by the old man who lives with her.

Soo Jin followed the girl into her house. Then, Soo Jin heard the girl screaming.

The review of the film Recalled shows a confused and panicked Soo Jin.

He finally reported to the police that his neighbor was violent.

The police then checked the scene, but the house he was aiming for had been empty for a long time and no one was inhabited.

Soo Jin felt things around her getting more and more awkward.

Ji Hoon goes out at night dragging a large suitcase.

Soo Jin has a vision that inside the suitcase is a corpse.

Soo Jin is sure that her husband is a murderer and reports it to the police.

Then Ji Hoon is arrested by the police.

The person who claimed to be Soo Jin’s husband turned out to be Kim Sun Woo, his half-brother.

Kim Sun Woo said the reason he disguised himself as Lee Ji Hoon was to kill Soo Jin and get insurance money.

After Kim Sun Woo’s arrest, Soo Jin lives alone. He met the real Lee Ji Hoon.

At that time Soo Jin’s memories began to collect.

He remembers that Ji Hoon always beat him for being broke and in debt.

Then, will Soo Jin be able to save himself?

The film Recalled has been released on April 21, 2021, after reading the review of this film, you can watch it on the VIU application.

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