Reverse Text on WhatsApp for Entertainment, Here’s How to Make It!


Reverse writing on WhatsApp is now stealing the attention of users. The presence of this interesting feature of WhatsApp makes it easier to deliver messages to other users, both privately and in groups.

Starting from changing the text format bold (thick), italic (italics), until crossed out. The attractive appearance of messaging is currently fairly simple but gives an attractive impression to users.

Especially the latest features that are currently being discussed. One of them is a text format that has never existed before, namely writing 180 degrees upside down on WhatsApp.

Currently, there is a trend of reverse writing to just enliven social media. Of course you need to know how to make it.

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How to Easily Make Reverse Text on WhatsApp

Even though reading it is very difficult, the reverse writing is quite entertaining for users in conveying messages.

Actually the reverse writing feature is not purely from WhatsApp, but a feature from a third party. For WhatsApp users who want to try this feature, of course there is an easier way.

Interestingly, WhatsApp users do not need to download or use additional applications. Because the easy way is to use website-based platforms such as messletters, upside-down text, fliptext, autobild, and many more.

Here’s how to make writing using one of the platforms from upside-down text. For the tutorial as follows.

Your first step is to visit the upside-down text site first. When you enter the homepage of the site, a column will appear on the main page where you can place your posts.

Fill in the column with the text you want the text to be reversed.

The site will automatically turn your writing upside down. You can copy the text or copy it to be moved.

Next, open the WhatsApp application and paste on your chat page. Submit the post and then look at the reverse text you sent. Surely your chat will be more exciting and interesting.

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Changing Posts with AutoBild

Another way to make reverse writing on WhatsApp is with AutoBild. You open the AutoBild generator web platform via a browser.

Like the previous method, you enter the text that you will reverse in the input field. Then the AutoBild website automatically changes the text to reverse.

Look at the output column and block or copy the word upside down. Enter the WhatsApp application, open a private or group chat then paste the text.

Then send it to other users. With this platform, users can make inverted writing to the left or right by pressing the arrow icon located below the output column easily.

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Uniquely, this article can be accessed by users for free without having to register using an account.

Users can apply easily both using mobile and desktop. The reverse writing on WhatsApp can now be the funniest moment to chat with other users.


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