Recommendations for Long Term Stocks that are Suitable for Investment

Long term stock recommendations are important for investment. Where is this investment for the long term. As a potential investor you need to understand it.

Stocks are one type of investment that is quite popular today. Long-term stocks are one that is quite interesting.

For those of you who want to try long-term investments, it is important to make sure which company you choose.

Do not choose a company with poor financial ratios. Before you know what long-term stock recommendations are, you should understand what long-term stocks are.

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Understanding and Recommendation of Long Term Stocks

Long-term stocks are stocks that are invested by investors with long-term goals. For example, income from dividends, income from royalties and from bond interest.

There are two things to consider when investing. Starting from issuers that have a growth in capitalization value.

Issuers that recorded growth in their capitalization value, which showed an increase in company value.

Meanwhile, the second one can be seen from listed issuers with a value above Rp 100 trillion with bright prospects. You can see the increase from every increase in profit that the issuer gets.

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Long Term Stocks

In addition to recognizing the meaning, you also need to know some long-term stock products. There are several long-term stock recommendations that you can choose.

There are several stock recommendations that are now showing a fairly positive increase. Some of the stock recommendations include technology, commodities, health, banking, and telecommunications.

Meanwhile, stocks that have not grown too large due to pandemic and global factors are in the tourism, restaurant, land transportation, and manufacturing sectors.

Stocks with good fundamentals cover a wide range of sectors. Starting from banking, mining, and consumer goods. The long-term stocks include:

INDF (PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk )

The first long term stock recommendation is the INDF code. Indofood shares have shown stability since 2021 yesterday.

However, there are still many investors who put their trust in the stock.

Indofood is a brand that is quite popular in the international arena. INDF shares received positive sentiment from the increase in sales of instant noodles and agribusiness.

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UNVR (PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk)

As for the long term shares, which will then come from PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk. Sector shares consumer goods This largest has unparalleled fundamentals.

Even though the stock price has fallen, the prospects are still good for decades to come. This is because UNVR shares already have 400 well-known brands.

Choosing the type of investment can indeed be adjusted to the purpose. For long-term investments, you can choose long-term stock recommendations with high prospects.

This is so that the investment can produce the desired profit. (R10/HR-Online)