PTBA Stock Recommendations Show High Figures during a Pandemic

PTBA stock recommendations can be seen from several analyzes. PT Bukit Asam Tbk now has good performance results throughout the year.

It even has a good value in the midst of solid coal prices.

As we already know, coal has experienced many significant increases this year. There are many factors that cause this to happen.

However, PTBA shares still showed optimal performance. This can be seen from the results in the first quarter of this year.

The issuer was able to record revenue of Rp 8.21 trillion, an increase of around 105% from last year’s period of Rp 3.99 trillion.

The increase in income is quite interesting. It even contributed to the net profit of the listed company PTBA of Rp 2.28 trillion in the first quarter.

The results of the PTBA stock recommendation shot 355% from its one-year period. Last year’s net profit was recorded at Rp 500.52 billion.

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PTBA Stock Recommendations Experience Drastic Increase

From the analysis of Juan Harahap as an analyst for Mirae Asset Sekuritas, the data on PTBA’s share growth is quite good. Even this has been seen in the first quarter of 2022.

This was due to the increase in the average selling price (ASP) of coal. In addition, combined with an increase in sales volume.

PTBA shares also provide sales accounting data of up to 7.0 million tons and an increase of 18.6% on a year on year.

From the data obtained by this analysis, it shows that PTBA’s shares have increased quite drastically from before.

From the bottom line, the net profit recorded by PTBA shares is in line with Mirrae Asset analysts.

The data is a reflection of the run-rate of 22.1%. Even the profit from this result is in line with the consensus on the run, rate of 22.1%.

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Excellent Performance in the Era of Pandemic PTBA Stocks

Considering PTBA’s stock recommendations which showed the best developments for this year.

Especially now that coal has a higher price, of course, you will have to be able to take care of the consequences.

The sharp rise in coal prices did not affect PTBA’s shares.

Moreover, in this condition boosting the profit given, the goodness of the estimated income for 2022.

The existing revenue estimates show significant figures. The price increases were revised by 5.7%-14.6% to Rp 42.2 trillion and Rp 39.7 trillion, respectively.

The revision from Analyst Juan Harahap shows that in 2022-2023 the global coal price will be US$ 200 per ton and US$ 120 per ton. Mirae Asset Sekuritas shows pretty good numbers.

This year it is recommended to bring a net profit of Rp 10.96 trillion. Meanwhile, for next year, it will be Rp 9.48 trillion.

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Given this condition, Mirae Asset Sekuritas recommends to immediately reach the target of 6.7-27.2%.

PTBA Stock Recommendations are now quite broad. This is due to many factors that make stocks continue to record net income. Even the increase that occurs due to this condition will occur until the year 2023. (R10/HR-Online)

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