Photos of Tangmo Nida`s Unsencored Body Viral – An uncensored photo of Tangmo Nida’s body has now gone viral and shocked the netizens of social media users.

Previously, rumors circulated about the discovery of Tangmo Nida’s body at the Rama VII Bridge, to be precise, in Nonthaburi Province.

From the information released, the discovery of the body took place on February 26, 2022.

Surprisingly, the portrait of the discovery of Tangmo Nida’s body was widely distributed on social media without any censorship at all.

Netizens who have seen photos of Tangmo Nida’s body also admitted that they were traumatized.

Many netizens claimed to be traumatized by the circulation of photos of Tangmo Nida’s body that were spread on Twitter.

The uncensored photos gave rise to many conjectures regarding Tangmo’s death.

From the uncensored photo, netizens suspect that Tangmo did not drown but became a murder victim.

Previously, news broke that Tangmo Nida died after falling from a speedboat.

Then he drowned at the bottom of the Chao Phraya River in Thailand.

Not only netizens suspected Tangmo’s murder, but the mother also suspected the child’s death.

The reason was that when the incident occurred, Tangmo was not wearing a life jacket, and it was from this discrepancy that information circulated that Tangmo had been killed.

Currently, photos of Tangmo Nida’s body are widely circulated on the timeline, because a number of netizens are busy hunting for him.

Netizens around the world claim to be curious about the appearance of Tangmo Nida’s corpse, which is said to be so scary.

Even a number of netizens who had seen Tangmo Nida’s body admitted that they were traumatized by the incident.

Until this news spread, photos of Tangmo Nida’s corpse or body had gone viral on Twitter and other social media.

Netizens are Suspicious of Tangmo Nida’s Uncensored Photo of The Body

Meanwhile, behind the circulation of photos of Tangmo Nida’s corpse without censorship, it turns out that there are many irregularities.

The body of Tangmo Nida was found by his brother in the Chao Phraya River, precisely in the capital city of Bangkok.

Suddenly the news of the death of this Thai film player and artist became viral on social media.

Tangmo’s name is also trending on social media, especially with the spread of Tangmo’s body condition.

In the circulating photo, Tangmo Nida’s body is full of bruises.

This is what makes Tangmo’s death even more mysterious.

According to local media, the mother of the victim, Panida Sirayutthayothin, stated that she was suspicious of the five people who were with the princess.

He said that one might not feel happy when Tangmo was there.

Reportedly, before the incident of the sinking of the Thai artist, there were five people accompanying Nida.

Not only that, Tangmo’s manager Idsarin was also there.

Quoting from local media, the mother suspected that there was a fight before Tangmo Nida died.

Especially when he saw the last photo of the princess sitting alone.

He said that it was hard to imagine Tangmo as a star having to sit on the back side of the boat.

In addition, Tangmo’s mother was not sure if the princess died by drowning.

Because he knows very well that Nida is a reliable swimmer from a young age.

The driver of the speedboat that Tangmo Nida was riding in has now been named a defendant.

Because the authorities considered him negligent and did not have a license to drive.

However, the police are still investigating the case of Tangmo Nida’s death.

In addition to highlighting the uncensored photo of Tangmo Nida’s body, netizens also paid attention to the state of the five people who were with the model at the last moment.

Of course, this led to a lot of speculation about the five people and Tangmo Nida’s death.

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