Panin Group Shares Have Significantly Increase, Here’s the News

Panin group shares nearly lost 1% in its first trading session. From the news circulating last Friday, the share price actually flew.

Several shares of the group were already in the green as the index briefly fell more than 1% before the first trading session. The strongest stock was led by PT Bank Panin Dubai Syariah Tbk (PNBS).

The increase strengthened with a value of 32.84% until the afternoon session. As for the other leading SHM Panin group, namely PT Panin Financial Tbk (PNLF) with an increase of 15.20%.

PT Bank Pan Indonesia Tbk (PNBN) also rose 14.38%. As is well known if stock prices continue to experience what is called movement.

Some have managed to rise and strengthen, but some have experienced a decline.

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Panin Group’s Stock Price Soars

Investment is an activity that is quite helpful in this modern era. Of the many investments, stocks are one that is quite popular and has many enthusiasts.

In the last few days, Panin’s stock has experienced a significant increase.

Almost all the shares go into the business tentacles. With a lot of movement in Panin’s stock price at the close of last Friday’s movement.

PNBN shares rose from 14.38% to Rp 1,750 per share. Various market news also influenced the increase in Panin’s stock price.

After being absent for 17 years in dividend distribution, PNBN is now planning to deposit part of the company’s profits to investors.

Apart from the issue of dividends, there is also news circulating in the market, namely if PNBN shareholders are in the process of selling their ownership.

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Stock Movement Recapitulation

After being monitored to strengthen, Panin group shares have a recapitulation of their share price movements.

Until the market movement in the first period yesterday, it can be concluded that there were several stocks that experienced changes, namely:

  1. PT Panin Dubai Indonesia Syariah Tbk (PNBS) experienced a change at 32.84%
  2. Companies with PNBN shares of PT Bank Pan Indonesia Tbk also experienced changes with a number of 14. 38%
  3. Meanwhile, PT Panin Financial Tbk (PNLF) experienced a price increase of 15.20%
  4. PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk (CFIN) increased by 9.35%
  5. Companies with PNIN shares PT Paninvest TBK experienced a change of 13.53%
  6. PT Verena Multi Finance Tbk (VRNA) also increased by 9.35%
  7. For the last one, PT Panin Sekuritas Tbk (PANS) had a change of 3.85%.

The stock price of the Panin group has indeed moved quite significantly. This can also be seen from the changes in movement at the closing session of the first session of stock prices.

Actually, the news about the sale of Panin’s share ownership has been heard for a long time. The largest bank on the Kangaroo continent is reportedly going to release its ownership.

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ANZ Bank owns 38.82% of Panin’s shares. In addition, there are other shareholders, namely PT Panin Financial Tbk with 46.05% and the public 15.14%.

Of the several ownership reports, the one with the most potential for Panin Group shares is Mizuho Financial Group Inc. (R10/HR-Online)

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