Oppo A96’s superior features are more robust and modern, what are they?


Featured Oppo A96 is ready to lead the success of this device in the Indonesian gadget market. As we know, Oppo is committed to always presenting smartphone products with the best technology support.

Entered in the A series family with the highest performance, the Oppo A96 also offers a variety of new features that were not previously embedded in the previous A series.

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List Featured Oppo A96

Oppo A96 is the successor of the A95 by improving in various sectors. This increase mainly occurs on the internal storage side of the device.

Currently, the Oppo A96 comes by offering a wider internal storage of up to 256 GB with an expansion option of up to 1TB.

Another interesting feature embedded in this Oppo phone is the presence of a large battery, which supports 33W SUPER VOOC fast charging.

Here are some excellent features of the Oppo A96, including:

Jumbo Battery with 33W Extra Fast Charging SUPER VOOC

One of them is the 33W SUPER VOOC charging technology. This is an extra-fast charging technology, initially only embedded in highland class phones. Like the Flagship Find X series and the Reno series only.

However, now you can enjoy the power of this technology through the Oppo A96.

This extra fast charging will be integrated with an extra large capacity battery, which is 5000 mAh. The combination of the two will certainly meet the high needs of its users.

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Extra Wide RAM and Internal Capacity

In addition to offering extra battery and charging, another excellent feature of the Oppo A96 is the presence of extra wide RAM and internal capacity.

The Oppo A96 is the first device from the A series line that carries an extra large storage capacity of up to 256GB.

Apart from that, Oppo also offers extra expansion via microSD up to 1TB. As for RAM, this device gets complete RAM expansion technology with an available RAM capacity of 8 GB.

This RAM capacity can be expanded up to 5 GB, so that it can produce a total RAM of 13 GB.

Wide Screen Display

Oppo A96 has a 6.59-inch screen display that presents 95% NTSC Wide Color Gamut which has color quality standards that are safe and friendly to the eyes of its users. Through this screen, it is able to offer an immersive gaming and entertainment experience.

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Oppo Enduring Quality and IPX4

The excellent feature that you can feel from other Oppo A96s is the presence of Oppo Enduring Quality. This is a series of tests that can ensure the extra is safe for long term use.

There is also a certification stating that the device from Oppo is normal splash-proof. This certification is known as IPX4 protection.

On the exterior side, the Oppo A96 also presents a very stunning design through the Oppo Glow.

This is certainly a superior feature of the Oppo A96 that is greatly missed. The existence of this technology can make the device emit a shiny color glow and provide protection from scratches, fingerprints, and smudges.


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