OPEN’s Stock Price Rebounds, Precisely Bukalapak Investors Dropped


The rebound in BUKA’s stock price actually made a number of Bukalapak stock investors shrink. Many investors take advantage of several problems.

Like the shares of PT Tbk, thousands of investors took advantage of them to release their ownership of BUKA shares. This is also evident from the decline in the number of OPEN investors.

The decline is actually inversely proportional to what has taken place in March 2022 yesterday. There are still the last 11 days of continuous internet correction.

It’s just that for investors it will feel tight if you do IPO shares at this time. For investors who buy IPO shares and are caught by technology issuers all the time, they don’t want to just let go of OPEN shares.

With the move still a long way off, the first unicorn stock will concern ARB (Bottom Auto Reject). But unfortunately still in bad condition though.

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OPEN Stock Price Rebound Now

Stocks are one of the most preferred issuers because of their high profits. However, the risk of loss is no less big.

But knowing how to invest in stocks will help you do it properly. You can even get profits according to the time limit you want.

The movement of Bukalapak’s shares decreased as recorded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange some time ago. The shares of the issuer with the name BUKA continued to weaken from 850 and perched at 350.

The existence of this makes market participants or investors have to be more observant in responding to OPEN shares. The competitiveness of OPEN’s shares in the marketplace sector will also decrease.

Moreover, the government has started to implement a change in strategy to be able to develop the Partner ecosystem.

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E-commerce Competition OPEN

Competition for the industrial market is indeed very tight. Especially with the potential for rapid growth.

The projected value of OPEN’s stock price to rebound is still quite high. The projected value is approximately 83 billion.

BUKA itself is a pioneer in the Indonesian e-commerce industry. Even e-commerce is one that has quite a lot of players involved in the industry.

There are two dominant players, namely Shopee and Tokopedia. Even though BUKA is a pioneer for the Indonesian people, it still provides the largest contribution to TPV BUKA.

Unfortunately for now the investment that used to burn can decline.

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Business Development OPEN Through Partners

As the OPEN stock price rebounded, investors changed their fortunes by setting strategies and focusing on one development. The development is projected through the partner segment.

Even with donations from TPV OPEN, it came from the Partners segment. This is working well and is expected to continue.

The estimated TPV contribution is IDR 85.2 trillion or about 53% of the total.

So that it affects the rebound of OPEN’s stock price itself. Based on this condition, the party concerned wants a change in the shares of OPEN.


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