Open Back Kitchen Canopy Creates a Different Look


The rear kitchen canopy can create a comfortable and functional impression. Moreover, if you can design it properly, it will definitely get an attractive appearance.

Having a kitchen at the back of the house is indeed more exciting. One design that you can choose is an open concept. The open kitchen in the back area provides many benefits.

In addition to the cool air, you and your family members will feel comfortable. Even the open concept will help better get air circulation and good light.

The canopy is an important part for those of you who want to create an open kitchen.

The concept of an open kitchen is chosen by many people today because it is able to support cooking activities to be more comfortable.

Having an open kitchen can also help you make more use of the space in the back. In addition, there are many advantages that you can get by using a rear kitchen canopy.

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Open Concept Back Kitchen Canopy Design

Every house has a kitchen whose function is quite vital. The kitchen is useful for cooking, preparing food and drinks.

Because its role is quite important, of course it must be designed as attractive as possible.

It aims to be able to carry out various activities properly. The placement of the kitchen in the back area is one that is often chosen because of the many advantages it brings.

You can even apply various interesting concepts to choose from.

The canopy is a choice of roof covering that looks attractive and modern. Canopies are many choices because of the advantages they have.

Here are some canopy designs that you can apply to the kitchen area. It can even be an inspiration for those of you who want to create an open concept kitchen.

Elongated Design

One design that you can use for an open back kitchen canopy is the elongated model. Canopies come in various models and sizes that you can adjust to your needs.

If the concept you choose is an open kitchen, using a canopy will create a more comfortable atmosphere. In addition to protecting from heat and rain, you can also make a canopy according to the existing concept.

The elongated design is able to give a unique and different impression when compared to kitchen designs in general.

With a comfortable space will add warmth and harmony in the family environment.

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Simple Fiberglass Canopy

There are many canopy designs that you can choose from for the kitchen area. Even including the back with the right concept will not make you feel lazy to go to the kitchen.

The open kitchen comes with a variety of attractive design options. One that you can use is a fiberglass canopy.

In addition to being cost-effective, functionally the canopy is able to protect the area from all weather.

Minimalist Roof

You can choose the rear kitchen canopy according to the concept you want to apply. You can even create a roof with a minimalist design.

Canopy made of wood, making it easier to combine with concrete material on the walls. If you want cooler air without smoke, use a vacuum cleaner to avoid lingering odors.

Natural Wood Element

Creating a kitchen design can not be arbitrary. You can choose a back kitchen canopy design with wood material that looks natural.

The thick wood element in the canopy will strengthen the image of the open space in the kitchen.

The hollow canopy design makes the cooking smoke quickly evaporate in all directions. Especially in the open kitchen design.

However, adding a canopy to the top of this kitchen area can increase the feeling of security when it rains.

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White Shades Design

A comfortable and functional kitchen can easily be created if you can determine the right concept. You can also apply the use of a canopy to an open kitchen in white shades.

Everyone has different tastes. For those of you who have a house with a minimalist design, utilizing the land area behind the house for the kitchen is the right solution.

Apart from being a kitchen area, you can also combine it with a small garden. To create a more spacious impression, white can be the right choice.

Both in terms of furniture, ceramics, to the selection of the canopy. Creating a minimalist design back kitchen canopy still feels comfortable and fun.


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