Old Man’s Journey Game, Cool Game You Must Play!


Game Old Man’s Journey is an arthouse adventure game that is quite famous for being able to win many awards.

The reason is in this game also often involves thinking that is outside the laws of perspective and physics as well.

The hill on the horizon looks like you can use it as a terrain or trail as long as it’s aligned again with the foreground. So the task of the players is to help the old man to achieve his goal while contemplating many events.

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Old Man’s Journey Game is here, let’s play it right now!

The game developed by Broken Rules is an Adventure genre game and simple puzzle-based gameplay. This game will take you to travel around the world of postcards with graphics and colors like a professional painter.

In addition, this game is also successful in presenting the 3D world they built with 2D. There are clouds, birds, hills, grass, sea, and all other supporting elements present perfectly.

Meanwhile, the graphics in this game are also reminiscent of some full PIXAR, because all the world will be painted with many colors.

Call it like there is a world color romance scene filled with pink and this is its own value in the game.

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This Old Man’s Journey game will feature a relaxing journey through the coastal city roads and very beautiful hills.

The story begins with an old man who receives a letter from the post and sends it on his way.

So your job as a player is to help him navigate the rolling beach landscape by bending the terrain. So he can easily step between the hills.

After successfully passing several landscapes or puzzles, the gameplay will also feel easier. As the match progresses, the puzzles don’t get any more challenging.

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The storytelling style of the Old Man’s Journey game uses narrative visuals and becomes a story presentation like a photo slideshow.

In fact, there will be no dialogue at all unless there is animation to the accompaniment of music and it creates emotional stress for the players.

So to find out what the story is about, you have to use your understanding and views on the story.

There is even music that manages to synergize with the colors of each phenomenon in the game.

If you really live this game, then be prepared to feel bitter, sad, to happy with the story. Overall This pretty good combination of music fits the moment in the game.

This game made by Broken Rules you can get for around $ 7.99 on Windows and Mac OS easily. Not only that, but also on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

This Old Man’s Journey game has also won many awards and nominations when it was released. This is thanks to its artistic and distinctive presentation with a more innovative gameplay.


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