Offline Shooting Games on the Best Android Platform!


Shooting games offline and free to the pleasure of many people. Game lovers must be familiar with the theme of this one game.

Shootout or shooter games has become a common and popular term. As gamers, you can find various types of these games online and offline.

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Offline Shooting Games Best

Free Fire, Call of Duty, PUBG, and other games that are currently popular are included in this type of shooting.

The theme of this game has indeed become very popular, especially among male gamers. Even so, female gamers can still play this game.

For the Android platform, there are various types of titles that you can try to play. What are they? This is the list.

Dead Effect 2

For the size of the game offline and free, Dead Effect 2 is included in the list of the best shooting games on Android.

Not only carrying shooting gameplay, Dead Effect 2 also presents a very tense horror element. Dead Effect 2 provides a lot of content in it.

This game also has a very interesting storyline and it’s a shame for you to miss.

Hitman: Sniper

This game is not only available on game consoles, but also on mobile. Hitman: Sniper is the most popular offline shooting game on Android.

Instead of playing bars, you should focus more on playing Hitman: Sniper. In addition, you also have to buy in order to play the game Hitman: Sniper.

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Major Mayhem 2

The next shooting game that you must try is Major Mayhem 2. This game is one of the best side-scroller games on Android.

You will get various very challenging missions. This game has seven choices of weapons, each of which has a unique shooting style, so you won’t get bored quickly.

Cover Fire

If you want to have an offline shooting game that provides slick graphics, then Cover Fire is the answer.

This game provides various characters that you can play as well as cool weapons.

The main task you do in this game is to organize your troops so that they can win in every battle.

NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy’s popularity among gamers doesn’t need to be questioned anymore.

Interestingly, you can play NOVA Legacy offline or online. If you play it online, then you will play using Deathmatch mode which makes it like a console game.

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Overkill 3

This game has very fast gameplay and uses a third person camera mode. There are many levels to choose from in this game

Every time you play, you can adjust the difficulty level to your abilities, especially when you meet bosses. Playing Overkill 3 will train your reflexes as a gamer because it is very challenging.

You can play these offline shooting games at any time without having to wait to connect to the internet and suck up a lot of quota.


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