Mutual Fund Investment Diversification How to Reduce Investor’s Risk Level


Mutual fund investment diversification is able to create considerable profit opportunities. The term is very familiar to investors.

In the investment world, there are many terms that are often heard in carrying out these activities. Everyone who invests must know what the terms are in this activity.

By knowing the existing terms, of course, you are able to carry out investments properly. So that the profits that investors will get can be more optimal.

Even including for long and short term investments though. It’s just that to carry out these activities requires the right strategy to increase the value of the capital you will invest.

One of them is by diversifying mutual fund investments. This term is a strategy in placing investment funds into different instruments. The existing instruments are risk, liquidity and potential returns.

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Mutual Fund Investment Diversification by Order of Risk Level

There are now many investments for various groups. In fact, this has also happened a lot to millennials today.

The activity is a diversification of the types of investment products that investors do. This happens to develop the potential for profit and the level of risk of loss.

For example, a stock investor collects several issuers from several different sectors in his portfolio. Including BBRI (banking), TLKM (infrastructure), and PTBA (mining).

You also need to know how to do this in mutual funds. Allocate investment funds into various mutual fund products that have different levels of risk.

The order of mutual fund risk levels starts from the lowest and highest levels. The order of mutual fund risks is:

  • Moderate risk or fixed and mixed income mutual funds
  • Money market (low risk)
  • Equity mutual funds (high risk).

When you know the risk of a mutual fund, you can see the portfolio and what percentage of the funds are allocated for each type of mutual fund.

Investment allocation funds only in equity mutual funds have a lower risk level up to a certain percentage.

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Ideal Diversification Percentage

Once you know how you should be able to determine the ideal choice. Any investor can do this.

Everything can happen with their respective investment goals. Mutual funds are a place to gather investors. The funds that have been collected will then be used by the investment manager in several instruments.

Starting from bonds, stocks or even deposits. Mutual funds are also the right choice for investors, both large and small investors who do not have the expertise to calculate the risk of existing investments.

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Each type of investment has different investment rules. When you decide to choose a mutual fund, of course it is indirectly related to this.

This is mostly done by most investors in order to cut the level of risk that you can face by choosing a diversified mutual fund investment.


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