Mitsubishi Launches All-New eK X EV in Japan

This electric-powered Kei-Car is easy to use with a range of 180 km —

Tokyo, – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (or, Mitsubishi Motors) introduced the all-new eK X EV, an electric kei car 1 that will be sold in a nationwide sales affiliate on the e-commerce platform at Rakuten Ichiba 2 during the dry season in Japan. The all-new eK X EV is priced from 2,398,000 to 2,932,600 yen or between IDR 275 million to IDR 336.5 million (including 10 percent consumption tax).

In eligible for Subsidies for Promoting Introduction of Clean Energy Vehicles and Infrastructure in the supplementary budget for fiscal year 2021 and Subsidies for Promoting Introduction of Clean Energy Vehicles in fiscal year 2022.

Therefore, for customers who receive a subsidy of 550,000 yen (Rp. 63 million), the actual purchase price of 3 will start from 1,848,000 yen (Rp. 212 million) (including 10 percent consumption tax). In some areas, subsidies from the local government can also be used, making the price more affordable.

The eK X EV is a new electric vehicle (EV) that enters the category with the eK X series 4, Mitsubishi Motors’ kei-car series with an SUV flavor, and offers sufficient mileage for everyday use at an affordable price. This new model has a spacious and pleasant cabin and ease of use like the eK X, other kei-cars. Drivers also gain comfort through advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity.


At a time when a switch to electric vehicles was needed to build a carbon neutral ecosystem, Mitsubishi Motors introduced the all-new eK X EV as a kei-car ii (i.e. excellent in Japanese) that embodies Mitsubishi Motors-ness – a combination of safety, security and comfort, as well as environmentally friendly.

eK X EV offers the following key features:

Ease of daily use: 180 kilometers (km, in the WLTC5 method, 6) per charge, enough for everyday use, Smooth and powerful driving experience that is unique as an EV vehicle and provides quiet, and comfortable, spacious and comfortable cabin to optimize EV system layout,

Hospitality for Passengers and Community : Grip Control that provides a typical Mitsubishi Motors driving experience, A range of advanced driver assistance systems, including the first use of the MI-PILOT parking support system, Connectivity that can regulate air conditioning and charging through the application, as well as an SOS emergency help contact, A large capacity drive battery which can function as a storage battery to help solve electricity supply and demand problems, as a power source

Clean design and EV Functional Features: Clean and sophisticated design that combines the appearance of an EV with an SUV, Sophisticated 7-inch LCD Display with good visibility and operation, as well as an electric transmission lever, 9-inch Smartphone-link Display Audio (SDA) navigation system that can, display EV-related information

Source : Autos.ID

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