Medium Bank Stocks Still Show Low Prices Until 2022

Mid-sized bank stocks are still showing numbers at low prices. This affects the inflationary sentiment of the Fed’s interest rate hike.

According to research by Samuel Sekuritas, several bank stocks still show low prices.

This can be seen from the performance of medium-sized banks which show poor performance in 2021.

So that medium-sized banks are classified as small banks.

There are only a few large banks that recorded positive performance in the midst of the large number of bank shares.

Last year’s bank shares were the winners, shown by PT Bank Mega Tbk (MEGA).

It rose by 21.07% and closed at the level of 8,475 in December last year.

Meanwhile, stocks that started to have an increase at the beginning of the year were MEGA shares.

Shares of this medium-sized bank jumped significantly at the start of the year.

Able to buy up to 6.07 shares of the bank.

There are several stocks that show low prices.

Some Medium Bank Shares

Even though it shows a cheap number, it doesn’t mean that it continues to occupy the lowest position.

Bank shares are traded in the middle of the book price.

For example, the shares of Bank Negara (BBTN), Bank OCBC NISP (NISP), and Bank Mayapada (MAYA) are still cheap.

In addition, there are shares of bank BBTN which actually did a right issue which should have a minimum price in the book records.

Sevira return on equity (ROE), BBTN is more attractive than NISP or MAYA.

Despite having a low price, the two stocks set a target price of Rp. 2,200.

Meanwhile, for the close of trading last Thursday, it weakened 0.36 to Rp 1,395.

Bank BTN Performs Capital Strengthening

Mid-sized bank stocks continued to show lows.

However, bank BTN actually plans to strengthen capital through the target set of funds.

The fresh funds continue to flow up to Rp 5 trillion to spur a business.

Deputy Director of BTN, Nixon LP Napitupulu stated that he hopes to strengthen capital by the end of 2022.

BTN is one of the SOEs that has an official PMN for the 2022 fiscal year.

The added value of the budget is Rp. 2.98 trillion.

With this additional venture capital, the capital adequacy ratio of BTN shares of medium-sized banks in the next 5 years could reach 18%-19%.

The purpose of increasing capital is so that BTN has the ability to expand 300,000 cash per year.

The desired additional capital cost is IDR 5 trillion.

KPR BTN was able to grow 7.68% yoy in last June.

This figure includes the best number for BTN credit during the pandemic.

Credit performance can still grow up to 9%-10% throughout 2022.

This shows that the stock price of medium-sized banks has not yet experienced a good condition.

Because the disbursement of several bank shares continues to occur to be able to show up to the best numbers.

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