MDKAs Shares of Highest Mineral Mining Issuers Occupied by MDKA

Shares of mineral mining issuers in Indonesia are experiencing quite prospective developments. This happens in tandem with the increase in fundamentals.

Stocks in terms of mining are still moving quite attractively until this year. One of them is PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk (MDKA).

The company is included in one of the most attractive gold mining issuers.

The points that can be obtained from MDKA are the potential for production recovery this year which is expected to be better than previous years.

In 2020, there was a shift in the ground surface incident. This resulted in an impact on the shares of mineral mining issuers.

This impact occurred in the lack of production and declining sales figures. However, the positive catalyst was obtained from the expectation of copper commodity which boosted MDKA’s performance.

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Recommended Shares of Mineral Mining Issuers

The prospect of MDKA’s stock development now shows a positive catalyst. MDKA is pushed higher in the long term with the presence of copper.

The recommendation for holding MDKA shares with a target price of Rp 3,000. In addition, in the gold mining sector, the recommendation to buy shares of PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) shows a target figure of Rp 3,230.

As for Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia’s analysis, the commodity material sector, especially nickel, is one of the top sectors this semester.

Mirae Asset believes that the recovery in economic activity in all parts of the world will lead to increased demand for commodity volumes.

The nickel commodity itself is fortunate with a combination of higher infrastructure spending than other major countries. This is to improve the economy with the transition to green energy.

There is another positive outlook for nickel demand and price prospects for the medium term.

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Attractive Shares of PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (INCO)

Actually, the shares of the most prospective mineral mining issuers are occupied by ANTM. ANTM is also Mirae Asset’s choice from the nickel mining sector.

This issuer is also one of the beneficiaries of favorable nickel prices. In addition to ANTM shares, INCO is also quite attractive.

The negative impact of maintenance in 2021 actually reduced production volume in the first quarter.

Currently, market players also need to take into account the positive impact of nickel prices on the net profit of PT Vale Indonesia Tbk’s shares.

The rating for increasing demand from shares of listed mineral smelter mining companies in China is at a time of weakening global copper production. In addition, there is an increase in demand related to the positive trend of renewable energy.

However, China’s policy shows commodity prices to be a negative catalyst for these commodities. The main choice of stocks from copper is MDKA.

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MDKA has a hold recommendation with a target of Rp 2,500 per share. This recommendation can be taken from the increase in the performance of the copper segment.

It’s just that the shares of this mineral mining issuer have not operated the Tujuh Bukit mine normally which will hamper its performance. (R10/HR-Online)

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