Mayora Shares Rise Due to Luhut’s Meeting with Tesla CEO


Majora shares rose after Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Panjaitan met Elon Musk. During the meeting there was a Kopiko candy brand.

Even the upload of the news boosted Mayora’s shares immediately. Especially considering that Kopiko is one of Mayora’s local brands.

Where people return to pay attention to the moment. The meeting between the two has been successfully captured and spread widely through social media.

Mayora Indah or MYOR shares are now up 4.91% or 80.00 points. Even the price per share is IDR 1,710. Major shares rose significantly.

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Meeting That Impacted Mayora’s Stock Up

During the meeting between Luhut and Elon Musk, the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States did look like Kopiko candy. The appearance looks not without reason.

The Indonesian Ambassador said that Kopiko was the candy that astronauts ever took to space. From the data of the two, it appears that both of them are sitting in a room and facing each other holding the candy.

There were several people who were both at the location and witnessed the two carrying the local candy brand.

The meeting took place in Luhut’s own room beside the CEO & President Director of Bakrie & Brother Anindya Novyan Bakrie, Indonesian Ambassador to the US Rosan Roeslani, and several businessmen.

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The Purpose of the Meeting Between Luhut and Elon Musk

When the meeting took place in a room that caught the public’s attention, they were holding Kopiko candy at the same time. From the photos that circulated, positive energy from Mayora’s stock activity rose.

The purpose of the meeting between the two is to have the intention of convincing Tesla to cooperate with Indonesia due to nickel processing.

Nickel is the raw material for Cell Battery which is based on good and sustainable Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). Tesla as a company that provides batteries with an effective and neat Supply Chain arrangement.

The meeting even discussed the G20/B20 program.

Interestingly, they also invited Elon Musk to join the International Advisory Caucus B20 event and attend the B20 event in mid-November.

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Luhut’s Expertise in Lobbying Foreign Investors

Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan has been quite skilled in lobbying foreign investors. This can be seen from his activities with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Luhut himself was able to attract the attention of the Tesla CEO and hoped that the cooperation between Indonesia and the United States could go well.

In fact, it is hoped that this cooperation will make the Indonesian people benefit from the benefits between the two countries. From the meeting, Elon Musk was interested in the potential to invest in the Nickel industry in Indonesia.

From this meeting, Mayora’s shares rose sharply. Kopiko is one of Mayora’s products which is the reason why the stock rose quite well.


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